Messukeskus Helsinki continues to prepare next year’s events firmly, with strong health safety practices

Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo and Convention Centre continues to plan 2022 events firmly. The restrictions announced by the Government of Finland on Tuesday 21 December do not apply to low-risk events such as trade fairs.  

The classification of trade fairs as low-risk events is based on the specification of the Finnish institute for health and welfare. Trade fairs are considered to be low-risk events when customer contacts are organised in a health-safe manner. Additionally, fairs have been classified in SAFE Asset Group’s international study as a safer place than for instance shopping malls. 

COVID-19 passport will continue to be used 

The use of COVID-19 passport at Messukeskus’ events will continue, as this will continue to be allowed at low-risk events. In addition, Messukeskus ensures the safety of the trade fairs with strict health safety arrangements, a high hygiene standard and a strong recommendation to wear masks. All customers are recommended to attend the events at Messukeskus only when completely healthy and without symptoms. Messukeskus has also expanded the space reserved for events. Wide aisles and spacious programme areas are built in the halls.

Under current law, all COVID-19 certificates from the EU countries (EU Digital COVID Certificate) can be used as a COVID-19 passport in Finland. Moreover, a number of countries have agreed with the EU on the equivalence of COVID-19 certificates. The digital COVID-19 certificates of these countries can also be used as a COVID-19 passport in Finland. List of the countries. According to current restrictions, those entering Finland from outside the EU and Schengen countries are required to have a negative Corona test less than two days old. In addition, a vaccination certificate is required. Before travelling, guests arriving Messukeskus are advised to check the current instructions and recommendations in Finland concerning COVID-19. 

During the autumn, Messukeskus hosted several trade fairs and events that were both health safe and commercially successful; for instance, the Helsinki Book Fair attracted over 50,000 visitors. Messukeskus has been granted the international COVID-19 certificate in recognition of exemplary work for COVID-19 safety. 

– We will continue to follow authorities’ instructions closely. The safety of our customers is of utter importance to us. Let’s make the year 2022 safe and the most amazing year of encounters ever, says the CEO of Messukeskus Ms Anni Vepsäläinen.

Messukeskus instructions for a safe event visit 

Customer service:, tel. +358 40 450 3250 (open weekdays from 9 am to 3 pm EET)