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Useful COVID-19 information to the guests arriving Messukeskus

We warmly welcome you to Finland and Messukeskus Helsinki!

Messukeskus will scan the COVID-19 passport from persons over 16 years while entering the building, including exhibitors and performers.  Under current law, all COVID-19 certificates from the EU countries (EU Digital COVID Certificate) can be used as a COVID-19 passport in Finland. Moreover, a number of countries have agreed with the EU on the equivalence of COVID-19 certificates. The digital COVID-19 certificates of these countries can also be used as a COVID-19 passport in Finland. List of the countries. The requirements for entry from other countries: more information

For entry from another country, in addition to the aforementioned requirements, the person must present a negative covid-19 test result of less than 48 hours. The result of a PCR or an Antigen test is accepted.  

Before travelling, please check the current instructions and recommendations in Finland concerning COVID-19

Guidelines for border traffic during pandemic by the Finnish Border Guard >>

Finentry service providing you a smoother travel experience despite the ongoing situation >>

Q&A about travelling and coronavirus by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland >>

The instructions and recommendations of the Information provided by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare >>

Messukeskus holds an international COVID-19 certificate. We take care of you!

Our COVID-19 certificate verifies that the instructions, the hygiene of the premises and equipment, the safety expertise of the staff and other measures related to the control of COVID-19 have been thoroughly taken care of. More on this >>

Messukeskus COVID-19 safety instructions

Please take a moment to orientate to our instructions for a safe event and how you can help to make the event safe:

Special instructions and services for companies participating in exhibitions

(updated November 2021)

Planning: In planning exhibition stands you should anticipate that stand staff and clients have the possibility to maintain recommended safety distances.

Hygiene: Please be sure to offer our mutual guests and your stand staff the possibility to disinfect their hands. We also recommend that you disinfect exhibition items at the stand, surfaces and key boards several times a day. Avoid serving confectionery or such giveaway products, that visitors pick up from the stand according to the self-service principle. We urge you to closely follow authorities’ recommendations in your stand catering.

Safety distances and drop protection: We offer you different kinds of possibilities to produce responsibility communication with your own company visual image, for instance own floor stickers. You can rent drop protection shields for the stand through us.

Audiovisual technique: The possibility to stream events is included in Messukeskus’ service. This service can be useful for instance when considering clients in risk groups, if you organize meetings, seminars or media gatherings in connection to the event. For more information, please be in touch with our contact person.

Communications: For the safety of us all we ask you to communicate these safety instructions to your staff and clients and point out not to participate in events organised by Messukeskus with any kind of symptoms.