Effective ventilation at Messukeskus keeps indoor air clean

Hall roofs reach up to 14 meters in some places. The area at Messukeskus corresponds to eight football fields, so it is easy to expand the space reserved for the event.

Good ventilation removes indoor pollutants and is also helpful in fighting the Coronavirus. Messukeskus has efficient air conditioning and in some places up to 14 meters high halls that keep the indoor air fresh and safe.

-In the current situation, no circulating ventilation is used on the premises and in air conditioners at Messukeskus. This is crucial for indoor air safety. The incoming air and the exiting air after use are not mixed at any point, says Mika Vakkilainen, Real Estate and Production Director at Messukeskus.

At Messukeskus, incoming air is filtered with the most accurate, F7-level filters.

Each entrance, lobby, hall and meeting room at Messukeskus is served by its own air conditioner. Fresh air is taken from the outside into the chamber of the air conditioner, where it is filtered, heated and blown into the interior by serviced supply air fans. Deaeration, in turn, takes place with exhaust fans, and the exhaust air is also filtered before it is blown into the outside air.

The sanitary facilities have a continuous deaeration system, which keeps the facilities underpressurized and draws replacement air from outside. This prevents the air in the toilets from mixing with the air in the common areas.

Air conditioners, ductwork and automation are serviced regularly. Messukeskus’ own professional maintenance team is responsible for maintenance work.

The cleanliness of the indoor air is also maintained at Messukeskus through efficient cleaning and regular disinfection of the premises. The hygiene level of the premises has been further raised due to the pandemic, and the entire staff has been trained in advanced hygiene and protection practices.

Safety instructions for Messukeskus  |Messukeskus COVID-19 information: messukeskus.com/korona

The maintenance team maintains air conditioners, ductwork and automation.