Safety instructions for Messukeskus

Updated October 11, 2021

Our safety is our top priority. In order to ensure contagion safety, we have adopted the following safety procedures:

Messukeskus is built for large audiences
We have a long experience in event organizing. Our hygiene standards and knowhow are inherently high. We promptly follow authorities’ guidelines, and our staff has received safety training and will gladly help and advise with everything. 

This is how you can help to make the event safe
Our recommendation to all clients is to visit Messukeskus events completely healthy and without symptoms. Please stay at home if you may have been exposed to coronavirus. We recommend using a face mask. If you forgot your mask, please contact our staff.  

Hand disinfection
We have stationary hand disinfection automats at our entrances and additionally hand disinfectives are freely available in our premises, for instance in toilets, restaurants and cafés.

Face masks and disposable gloves
We recommend using a face mask. If you forgot your mask, please contact our staff.  Face masks and disposable gloves are also sold in our kiosk. Please also note that our sales service staff have the possibility to use face masks if they wish to.

Safety distances
Safety distances are marked clearly at our premises in all places where queues may build up: at entrances, cash desks, restaurants and toilets. There are signboards in front of the elevators, telling how many persons are allowed in the elevator at the same time.

Interior layout and pathway signs
We have pathway signs at our entrances and greater safety distances are observed in interior layouts. Event specifically we may utilize extra spaces, make corridor dimensions wider than normal, direct walking direction or spread over access to specific event areas.

Restaurants and cafés
Our restaurant partners follow closely authorities’ recommendations for restaurant and café services. We disinfect all surfaces regularly  and mark safety distances and pathways also at serveries.

Contactless payment
We instruct our clients to do business electronically: buy tickets for public exhibitions from our webshop and register for professional events beforehand on the web. At cash desks and restaurants, we recommend using payment cards and proximity payments in order to avoid touching the payment terminal.

There are several toilets with safety distance markings available all over Messukeskus. There are contact free faucets in all toilets. Toilet equipment is added continuously and toilets are disinfected several times a day (toilet seats, basins, faucets).

Cleaning and disinfection
Effective cooperation with our cleaning partner is included in our preparations. Our cleaners that have received hygiene training check the premises several times during the day. For instance, service desks, cloak room desks, banisters and elevator, ATM, payment terminal and automatic parking ticket keyboards are cleaned regularly.

Air conditioning
Effective air conditioning and in some places even 14 meters high hallspaces improve safety. All air is cleaned with high-quality filters and ventilation ducts cleaned regularly.

First Aid
The Finnish Red Cross is responsible for first aid at events arranged by Messukeskus. The first aid spot is located near the Expo car park entrance, near the cloakroom. You can contact first aid staff also by telephone, tel. +358 40 450 3237.

Advice and information
We communicate about safety effectively both beforehand and on location, for instance with announcements, floor stickers, digital signs, on the web and in program pamphlets. Our premises are equipped with clear safety distance markings and instructions regarding cleaning hands, coughing and sneezing. Our trained staff guide and advise on location with everything.

Protection of our staff
We have equipped our customer service spots with plexiglasses. Our staff have the possibility to use face masks and frequent hand disinfection.


 Come safely – tips for the event traveller

Maintain adequate safety distances to others at stations, stops and during the trip. Avoid unnecessary contact with surfaces during the trip. For example, a ticket can often be purchased with an app. If you need to touch a card reader or ticket machine, clean your hands before and after using the device. On the bus and train choose free seating and avoid sitting next to other people when possible.

Use a face mask during the trip according to recommendations. If you need to cough or sneeze do it in your sleeve or a disposable handkerchief. Bring your own hand disinfectant or use hand disinfectant automats provided by the stations. As soon as you arrive wash your hands and wash or disinfect your hands whenever you have an opportunity during the day.

Stay home and rest if you have any disease symptoms.

Instructions for companies participating in exhibitions

Planning: In planning exhibition stands you should anticipate that stand staff and clients have the possibility to maintain recommended safety distances.

Hygiene: Please be sure to offer our mutual guests and your stand staff the possibility to disinfect their hands! We also recommend that you disinfect exhibition items at the stand, surfaces and key boards several times a day. Avoid serving confectionery or such giveaway products, that visitors pick up from the stand according to the self-service principle. We urge you to closely follow authorities’ recommendations in your stand catering.

Safety distances and drop protection: We offer you different kinds of possibilities to produce responsibility communication with your own company visual image, for instance own floor stickers. You can rent drop protection shields for the stand through us.

Audiovisual technique: The possibility to stream events is included in Messukeskus’ service. This service can be useful for instance when considering clients in risk groups, if you organize meetings, seminars or media gatherings in connection to the event. For more information, please be in touch with our contact person.

Meetings: Health and Safety Considerations When Organising Meetings at Messukeskus 

Communications: For the safety of us all we ask you to communicate these safety instructions to your own clients and point out not to participate in events organized by Messukeskus with any kind of symptoms.

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More information about safety

Messukeskus Customer Service, tel. +358 40 450 3250,