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Additional charges:

• Space rental when the pre-agreed construction and dismantling time has expired (price for 2019: €550 / hour + VAT)
• Catering and restaurant services
• Security services during set-up/set-down and exhibition
• Extra cleaning services and environmental services*
• Cloakroom services
• Technical services (rigging, network connections, electrical works etc.)
• AV-technical and telecommunication services
• Graphics service
• Forwarding services in the venue
• First aid service
• Extra staff, like AV-technicians etc.
• Electricity**
• If changes are made in the furnishings or equipment of the facilities, or if other special arrangements are made for the event, they will be charged for accordingly.

*Environmental management fee 2 €/net m² + VAT.
**Basic electricity socket (connection effect: 16 A 230 V, 3,6 kW) price for 2018 is 146 € + VAT /pcs.

Environmental services

According to the environmental legislation the exhibitors are responsible for sorting waste produced by their actions. Messukeskus complies with the law on waste management practices when it comes to the events taking place in Messukeskus facilities. Messukeskus will charge the tenant for the environmental services 2 €/net m² + VAT (by the final exhibition map, the price is for 2019 and it will be revised for the following years.) The service fee includes the environmental management during the exhibition construction and dismantling hours. It includes waste sorting according to the Messukeskus Environment Programme, the transfer from the exhibition stand to a waste station, transport to a landfill or waste collection centers, landfill fees, waste disposal charges, as well as environmental services supervisors.

Restaurant services

Prices include valid VAT and are for year 2019. The prices will be revised for the following years.

For events with less than 50 attendees, the final number of people must be confirmed no later than seven (7) business days prior to the event. For event with 50 – 100 attendees, the final number of people must be confirmed no later than seven (7) business days prior to the event and for events with more than 100 attendees, no later than ten (10) business days before the event. Invoicing will be based on the confirmed number of attendees, or on the actual number of attendees if this is higher.

A confirmed order is binding.

If there is a considerable change in the number of attendees, the restaurant will be entitled to renegotiate the details and costs of the event.
Catering services in events where alcoholic beverages are served will be invoiced by Fazer Restaurant Ltd. Fazer Restaurant Ltd will check the customer’s credit history. The current invoicing surcharge will be added to the invoice.

Whenever possible, Fazer Restaurant Ltd will provide low-lactose products. Any other special dietary requirements will be taken into consideration and priced separately.


Messukeskus´ subsidiary SVV offers professional AV-planning, implementation and supervision, tailor-made for any event. Their services include state-of-the art sound, lighting and conference technology. Their skilled technical staff guarantees the success of your event.

Orders for AV services and equipment received no later than 14 working days prior to the event will be delivered at the prices listed. A 50% surcharge will be added to prices of orders received after this date as well as to alteration work.

Terms of payment

All confirmed services will be charged in advance according to an invoice. Interest on overdue payment is 16 %. All the additional services and equipment will be charged on site from credit card.

A fee of €20 + VAT / invoice will be charged if the invoicing address is altered after the invoice has been forwarded to the recipient. The same fee, €20 + VAT per invoice, will be charged if the customer wishes to split the invoice between several recipients.

Terms of cancellation

The reservation is binding from the date of confirmation. If you wish to make changes to the confirmation, please contact the contact person within 2 days of the confirmation.

In case of cancellation after the date of the reservation, the following cancellation terms will be applied:

• Rooms 101, 101abc, 101 ab, 101 cd, 101 c, 101 d, 103, 103a, 103b, Valo:
cancellation prior to 12 months before the first day of the reservation: no cancellation fee is charged
cancellation prior to 9 months before the first day of the reservation: 10 % of the rental
cancellation 9 months to 60 days before the first day of the reservation: 50 % of the rental
cancellation 60 days before the first day of the reservation or later: 100 % of the rental

• Rooms 102, 201, 203, 203 a, 204−209, Säde, Kajo, Restaurant Platta, Restaurant Panorama, Club Restaurant:
cancellation 60−31 days before the first day of reservation: 10 % of the rental
cancellation 30−7 days before the first day of the reservation: 50 % of the rental
cancellation 6 days before the first day of the reservation or later: 100 % of the rental

• Rooms 104, 202, 203b, 210−214, 215−218, 301−308, Galleria sauna, Exhibitors lounge, Press:
cancellation 14−3 days before the first day of the reservation: 50 % of the rental
cancellation 2 days before the first day of the reservation or later: 100 % of the rental

Terms of reservation

Additional arrangements and personnel for the event will be charged for. The set-up and set-down time are chargeable and has to be agreed in advance with the contact person.

The reservation cannot be assigned to a third party without a written agreement with the lessee. In case of reassigning the reservation, the lessee has right to redefine the terms of reservation and payment.
The lessor is obliged to inform the third party or subcontractor of all the facts regarding the reservation.

It is not allowed to attach the material to the walls of the Exhibition Center. The Tenant is liable for damage to the lessor’s property. The tenant is also liable to the participants of the event, performers, subcontractors, the public, as well as their own staff and others in a similar position for the personal and property damage caused during the event. The lessor is not liable for damage if the property of the event organizer, participant or the public is lost or damaged.

If personal injury or property damage to participants, performers, subcontractors, the public, event staff or any other person or entity in the event was caused by the intentional or negligent actions of the lessor, a person employed by the lessor or another person acting on behalf of the lessor, the lessor is liable. However, even in the cases mentioned in this paragraph, the lessor is not liable for consequential damages to the tenant, the tenant’s employees or other entities or persons.

The tenant undertakes to follow the instructions of the authorities and the staff of the Exhibition Center in matters of fire and other safety. The material used for decorations must be fire-rated and the use of live fire at the event must always be discussed separately with the contact person of the Exhibition Center.
It is the tenant’s responsibility to take care of the excess meeting material away from the lessor’s premises. The waste management costs for the material to be disposed of will be charged to the tenant.

Force majeure
Events or circumstances that are unforeseeable, extraordinary in nature, and beyond the control of the Parties shall be considered incidents of force majeure if they render it impossible for the Parties to fulfil their contractual obligations. Examples of force majeure include natural disasters, fires, explosions, earthquakes, war, threat of terrorism, disruption to the energy supply, or official orders.

Each Party shall be obliged to notify the other Party without delay of the onset, causes, and estimated duration of force majeure.

If the Leased Facilities cannot be used during the term of the lease due to force majeure and the event cannot be arranged at the planned time, the Parties shall agree to reschedule the event, based on the availability of the Leased Facilities. If an incident of force majeure persists for over XX months, the Parties may agree to end the agreement without any cancellation expenses. In such a case, the Lessor shall be entitled to retain 5% of the agreed Rent as compensation for the work it has already done towards arranging the event.

For the avoidance of doubt, COVID-19 shall not constitute force majeure.

Certified meeting activities
Det Norske Veritas Certification Oy has granted the Exhibition Center an ISO 9001 quality certificate and an ISO 14001 environmental certificate. You can read more about our company’s responsibility here.