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Sustainable experiences

Responsible Reaktori as a trendsetter

The responsibility of events is constantly becoming more and more important. In Messukeskus in-house environmental impacts, energy efficiency, responsible choices and work in accordance with ISO management systems are continuously being developed both internally and together with customers.

A good example of that is the Reaktori event, organised in cooperation with the Events Unit of the City of Helsinki’s youth services, which produces events in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. Producer Sanna Lesonen from the City of Helsinki’s youth services has been pleased with the cooperation with Messukeskus.

The Reaktori event

  • offers free leisure activities to young people over 13 years of age who are spending their winter holiday in the Helsinki metropolitan area
  • In 2018, Reaktori attracted more than 13,000 visitors to Messukeskus
  • organised in cooperation with the Events Unit of the City of Helsinki’s youth services
  • Reaktori was granted an EcoCompass certificate in 2013

Reasons to choose Messukeskus 

When we were looking for a new venue for Reaktori, we of course emphasised price, but especially

  • easy transport connections and
  • a place with ‘everything’ available if needed. Messukeskus eventually turned out to serve our needs the best. Reaktori had acquired an EcoCompass certificate in 2013, so
  • smooth recycling operations and
  • supporting green values were also important priorities in our selection of the venue, and these had already been arranged at Messukeskus.

Eco-friendliness is an increasingly important value for young people

Eco-friendliness reflected in the content of the Reaktori event. The criterion for all event content was activity, so this was not an actual exhibition event.

Young visitors are primarily interested in fun and inclusive content, no matter who it is implemented by. The event has included, for example, an escape game with a nature twist and planting your own pea shoots and chilli.

‘By young people for young people’ was a very substantial value in all our events and Messukeskus has also been able to internalise our values well and support them. In addition to entertainment value, we wanted to teach and train our visitors. It was crucial for us that the values important for young people, in particular, were visible at the event, and eco-friendliness was one of the most fundamental.

All parties involved were required to take green values into account, which challenged content providers to find new ways to present their activities. For example, a challenge was set to replace traditional sharing of information through brochures with practices that are not a drain on the environment. Environmental issues were reviewed at every meeting with operators and eco-friendliness ran through all activities in a matrix-like fashion.

Some concrete measures

  • We have built a measurement operating model that allows us to get a clear picture about the event’s carbon footprint and recycling rate, among other things.
  • We had already been recycling materials, but we took this even further with Reaktori by reusing recycled materials in the workshops, for example.
  • The design of sorting points helped us to reduce waste. Energy waste and biowaste levels were halved and recycling rate rose to 98% on average.
  • The accessibility of the venue also played an important role – Messukeskus is in a central location surrounded by good public means of transport. Hence, Messukeskus favours public transport.
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