Health and Safety Considerations When Organising Meetings at Messukeskus Helsinki

We do everything we can to make your event at Messukeskus safe in all ways. We follow authorities’ guidelines closely but as an experienced event organizer we also proactively want to ensure the safety of our facilities and services.

We recommend using the Koronavilkku contact tracing app
Please stay at home if you may have been exposed to coronavirus. You should only come to Messukeskus entirely without any symptoms.

Hand disinfection
We have stationary hand disinfection automats at our entrances and additionally hand disinfectives are freely available in our premises, for instance in toilets, restaurants and cafés.

Face masks and disposable gloves
We offer clients face masks and disposable gloves, more information from our staff. We recommend that you follow authorities’ instructions when using face masks. Please also note that our sales service staff have the possibility to use face masks if they wish to.

Safety distances
Safety distances are marked clearly at our premises in all places where queues may build up: at entrances, restaurants and toilets. There are signboards in front of the elevators, telling how many persons are allowed in the elevator at the same time. Depending on the size of the elevator, 1-2 persons at a time can use the elevator, excluding people who move in groups.

Entrance and pathways
We plan entrances according to your event. We also guide visitors in and out through separate doors. The doors have direction signs.

Contactless payment
We instruct our clients to do business electronically and recommend using payment cards and proximity payments in order to avoid touching the payment terminal.

There are several toilets with safety distance markings available. There are contact free faucets in all toilets. Toilet equipment is added continuously and toilets are disinfected several times a day (toilet seats, basins, faucets).

Cleaning and disinfection
Effective cooperation with our cleaning partner is included in our preparations. Our cleaners that have received hygiene training check the premises several times during the day. For instance, service desks, cloak room desks, banisters and elevator, ATM, payment terminal and automatic parking ticket keyboards are disinfected regularly.

Air conditioning
Effective air conditioning improves safety. Fresh incoming air is filtered with the most precise F7 level filters. We do not use circulating air which means that incoming air and outgoing air when used will never mix with each other.

We tailor-make the catering for your event together with our business partners using hygienic solutions. In addition to salty and sweet pastries the assortment includes baguettes, salad portions and warm lunches packed in styrofoam boxes. Please ask for a quotation well in advance; the delivery time of our partners is 1-5 weekdays.

We mark safety distances in areas reserved for meals as well at the pathway directions of the catering points. If the group of people is large, meals can be scheduled.

Audiovisual technique for the event
We can offer you the possibility of streaming a conference/meeting. This service can be useful for instance when considering clients that are in risk groups. Please ask for more information from our contact person.  

Protection of our staff
We have equipped our customer service spots with plexiglasses. Our staff have the possibility to use face masks and frequent hand disinfection.

Advice, information, invitation for event participants
We communicate about safety effectively both beforehand and on location, for instance with floor stickers, digital signs and on the web. Our premises are equipped with clear safety distance markings and instructions regarding cleaning hands, coughing and sneezing. Our trained staff guide and advise on location with everything.

You are welcome to use all the information in this newsletter in your instructions to your participants. For safety reasons we ask you to emphasize not to participate with symptoms of illness.

More information
Our contact person will be pleased to answer all questions. You can find more current information about Messukeskus’ service during the exceptional situation at