The European MegaM@Rt2 Project uses AI and advanced modeling techniques for the continuous development and runtime validation of complex systems

The European MegaM@Rt2 Project uses AI and advanced modeling techniques for the continuous development and runtime validation of complex systems

MegaM@Rt2 is a three-year project, funded by European Components and Systems for European Leadership Joint Undertaking (ECSEL JU) under the H2020 European program, which started in April 2017. This involves 27 organizations, grouped in clusters from 6 different countries, intending to provide a series of software modeling tools that help organizations improve their productivity and the quality of their results.

The main goal of MegaM@Rt2 is to create an integrated framework incorporating scalable methods and tools for continuous system engineering and runtime validation and verification (V&V) which addresses the needs of the 8 case study providers involved in the project, which come from diverse and heterogeneous industrial domains, ranging from transportation and telecommunications to logistics and manufacturing. To address these needs, 20 technology and research providers provide more than 28 tools to be integrated into the MegaM@Rt2 framework with the underlying objective to provide improved productivity, quality, and predictability of large and complex industrial cyber-physical systems (CPSs). The idea of ​​the project was born when the different collaborators noticed that the current existing modeling systems failed in terms of scalability to support real-world scenarios committed to the use of complex electronic components and systems, in addition to the lack of efficient traceability methods between the design and execution of the system.

One of the companies that are participating in MegaM@Rt2 is Nokia. In the event, we can find demos about our use of Artificial Intelligence to improve the Nokia Base Station efficiency and, in the future, making it carbon neutral. Nokia AirScale Base Station is an essential part of the new, end-to-end AirScale Radio Access solution that changes the way networks are built. The base station architecture enables various HW and SW configurations from small size picocells to huge server clouds. The goal is to create an integrated tool-chain from a platform-independent perspective to facilitate the integration of various subsystems and verification of the overall system performance to meet a set of desired system requirements and at the same time taken into account the ever-increasing system complexity. Besides, there will be formal linking between the requirements, the architecture/design documents, test, and verification results. Besides that, in the event, we will present methods for simulation and test generation from model-based specifications.

MegaM@Rt2 will be represented by the Finnish consortium, Nokia, Space System Finland, Åbo Akademi University, and VTT in stand 7p138, at the Messukeskus exhibition center in Helsinki, during November 5-7, 2019. At our stand, you will find several demos of the tools developed and used in MegaM@Rt2 in the Nokia case study, as well as general information about the project.

See you there!

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