Serot julkaisee uuden musiikkivideonsa tänään

Elektronisen musiikin yhtye julkaisee tuoreen musiikkivideonsa tänään Matkamessuilla Kainuun osastolla.

Serot – Generation MTV

Techno band Serot produces alternative electronic music and experiments
with the concept of music video. Generation MTV pays homage to Music
Television as the root of identity for the generation born in the 80’s. The story
is told through an intertextual narrative in context of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s
“APES***T” video.
In terms of editing Serot’s video is a frame-by-frame copy of “APES***T” while the
content describes a different history compared to the original. Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s
video puts the colonialist art of Louvre in context with expressive black art, and points
out how the classic pieces of art are in many ways artifacts that portray a western
history built on white domination. Beyoncé and Jay-Z look Mona Lisa eye to eye as if
they were gazing at history itself.
Serot wants to support this message from the perspective of generation MTV, for
whom the ideals of the world outside were brought to by music videos. It is not Mona
Lisa, but a television the Serot band gazes into. Also the framing of the history
differentiates the band from colonial art as the cultural background. Instead of
Louvre, the video is shot in Kajaani, a working class town where the director of the
video Elias Keränen is originally from.
For a Finn the history has mostly been a struggle against winter and nature, and the
enlightment to culture has happened through Music Television. Beyoncé and Jay-Z
prove again the value of music videos by taking us there. For most people in our
generation the most in depth excursion to Louvre happened through the music video
“APES***T”, which is why the art in Louvre for many of us is perceived through the
critical optics built in the video. Serot’s video pay respect to this and wants to express
how even the local history is perceived through the perspective MTV, Beyoncé and
Jay-Z have provided.
The song is slow house track built upon retro elements, sounds and melodies
that remind the band from their childhood accompanied by Music Television.
80’s synthpop merged with a uplifting looplike drum beat, drum machines and
sample based vocal sounds.