Finalists for Ring of the Year in Finland 2019 make case for celebrating with flair

Finalists for Ring of the Year in Finland 2019 make case for celebrating with flair

Online voting for the Ring of the Year 2019 is under way. The theme for this year’s contest, open to jewellery designers, is ‘celebration’, and the contest encourages people in Finland to wear jewellery more boldly when celebrating special events. The rings in the final are decorated with motifs such as a coffee cup, balloons and a wasp. The designer of the winning ring will receive a €3,000 grant funded by a donation from the Finnish Fair Foundation.

The theme of the Ring of the Year 2019 contest, ‘from celebration to celebration’, challenges jewellery designers to consider how jewellery can suit various special occasions. They were asked to present short descriptions of how their rings symbolized celebration and were part of a festive outfit.

One aim of the contest is to encourage people in Finland to wear jewellery more boldly when celebrating special events, be they a gala, May Day or a birthday. Jewellery can be treated like festive shoes on special occasions: you can take it out of the box at the start of an event and put it back in when going home.

There were almost 70 rings entered into the contest this year, of which the panel of judges, all professionals in jewellery, design and communications, chose ten finalists. A public vote is under way online, at, until 31 October 2019. The website shows the finalist rings and the stories behind them. The public can see the rings and vote for their favourites at Ring of the Year 2019 stand at the I Love Me fair in the Messukeskus conference centre in Helsinki. The contest website (in Finnish) is:

Rings celebrate life, nature and shared joy

All the rings entered in the contest represent Finnish jewellery design and jewellery designers’ craftsmanship. The designers have taken on this year’s theme, ‘celebration’, to the full, and the panel of judges was delighted to see participants had approached the theme from a wide range of approaches.

Depending on the occasion, you might wear a festive ring depicting a champagne fountain, a coffee cup or joyous balloons. That festive occasion could be on the red carpet at a gala or in the magical mood of Midsummer’s Eve. The rings celebrate nature, with images of a wasp and icicles melting in spring. One finalist ring shows the uniqueness of life, while another symbolizes shared joy. A ring passed down from mother to daughter can carry memories of special occasions from one generation to the next.

Ring of the Year 2019: finalists and jury comments

  1. Äiti maa (Mother earth) | design Hanna Rainio (Kätkö Koru)
    A softly natural ring that could have been shaped by nature itself.
  2. Hei, vähänks meillä on kivaa (Hey, we’re having fun!) | design Ville Redman (Supervirasto)
    A ring that creates a festive mood! It represents movement, flight and playfulness.
  3. Primavera | design Anneli Aaltonen (Papaja)
    An intelligent but bubbly ring that is reminiscent of the mood of the 1930s.
  4. Gala | design Petri Pulliainen (Petri Pulliainen)
    Classic design and futuristic execution. Simultaneously masculine and feminine.
  5. Loiste (Radiance) | design Marika and Ulla Korkeila (Korkeila Helsinki)
    An exciting ring with both a luxurious art deco style and stern beauty.
  6. Opus | design Vesa Nilsson (OZ Jewel)
    A timeless design that is simultaneously both retro and modern. A daring creation of joy using the colour palette.
  7. Pretty in pink | design Laura Darth (By Laura Darth)
    Delicate, beautiful and romantic; classically clean in its simplicity.
  8. Pullakahvi (Coffee and bun) | design Pekka Kulmala (Kultaseppä Kulmala)
    The ring contains both warm tradition and playful humour.
  9. Freya | design Annika Eklöf (Atelier Eklöf)
    A successful marriage of plenty and clarity that has many layers and tells a story.
  10. Paravespula vulgaris | design Päivi Hakkarainen (Arthropoda)
    A miniature sculpture which reminds us of the circle of life and the everyday celebration that is nature.

The Ring of the Year contest is organized annually in cooperation with the I Love Me fair and the Häät wedding media outlet. This year’s contest is the 12th of its kind. The contest was open to entries from jewellery designers during the spring and summer. Of the 67 rings entered, the panel of judges chose ten to be put to a public vote. The members of the panel of judges are: Hanna Kinnunen, radio presenter; Henrik Kihlman, CEO of the Federation of Finnish Goldsmiths; Piia Lehtinen, chair of the board of Design District Helsinki, and head of sponsorship of the Helsinki Design Museum; Hanne Siekkinen, managing artistic director of Auction House Helander; Sari Yli-Salomäki, editor-in-chief of Häät wedding magazine and Hää; and Riikka Luomanpää, communications manager of the I Love Me fair. In evaluating the rings, the panel considered quality, originality and aesthetics. They thought about how the story of each rings supports the design and expresses the theme of the contest.

I Love Me is an event centred around style, well-being and caring for yourself. It will take place from 18th to 20th October 2019 in the Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo and Convention centre.

The next issue of the Häät wedding magazine will go on sale in newsagents on 10th October 2019. Couples can plan their weddings online using the wedding planning app available at

The Finnish Fair Foundation distributes around €400,000 in stipends, grants and awards annually. Some famous Finnish Fair Foundation awards include the Young Designer of the Year Award, the Kaj Franck Design Prize and the Habitare Design Competition.

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