No-Dig 2022 is the latest conference win for Finland and Messukeskus

Jari Kaukonen’s election as Chairman of the Board of the international umbrella organisation ISTT a couple of years ago accelerated the repatriation of the conference to Finland.

For the first time, the international No-Dig 2022 conference brings together experts in trenchless techniques from around the world to Finland. The event, organised at Messukeskus 3 – 5 October 2022, is hosted by the Finnish Society for Trenchless Technology.      

Trenchless or no-dig techniques refer to the installation and refurbishment of underground pipelines with the least possible excavation. The installation and refurbishment of pipelines using trenchless techniques is more cost effective and more environmentally responsible than traditional open excavation.

Messukeskus has been chosen as the venue for the event, and practical conference arrangements are taken care of by the British Westgrade Group Ltd, who has been responsible for the sector’s conference arrangements for more than 30 years in different countries.

– The Finnish Society for Trenchless Technology (FiSTT) has been working for a long time to get this conference to Finland. It is as much as twenty years since the previous Nordic conference in this field. Finland also has a lot to offer, as we are world-class experts in no-dig technology, says expert Jari Kaukonen from Kaukotek Oy. Kaukonen has long held honorary positions in the infrastructure and environmental fields, and his election as Chairman of the Board of the international umbrella organisation ISTT a couple of years ago accelerated the repatriation of the conference to Finland.

– We are really grateful for Jari Kaukonen’s active work in the international organisation of his field. His work input not only brings business to our corona punished event sector, but also creates completely new opportunities for Finnish experts in trenchless technology, says Congress Manager Paula Blomster at Messukeskus.

The No-Dig conference is aimed for engineers, designers, contractors and operators working in the field, as well as decision makers and authorities in the sector. The conference offers the latest technologies and innovations as well as international networking. At the conference you can get acquainted with, among others, directional drilling and compacting equipment, pipe cutters, imaging equipment, pipes and lining materials, cleaning equipment and consulting services within the field.

Students are offered Masterclass courses in main techniques, condition surveys and assessing environmental impacts.

The previous conference brought together several hundred participants from about 30 countries. At its best, more than 100 companies and operators have presented themselves at the exhibition. Kaukonen considers the conference to be a significant sales opportunity for Finnish companies in the field. Participants come from all over the world and trenchless techniques have enormous market potential in the neighbouring areas of Stockholm, Tallinn and St. Petersburg alone.

No-Dig 2022 at Messukeskus in Helsinki  3.-5.October 2022 | |

More information: ISTT, Jari Kaukonen, +358 400 843 951, Messukeskus Helsinki, Congress Manager Paula Blomster, +358 40 4566 066,

Jari Kaukonen celebrates the repatriation of the No-Dig 2022 conference to Finland.