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Updated January 13, 2022

We do our utmost to serve you in the best possible way. That is why we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions for your convenience.

COVID-19 passport in use

Messukeskus has applied the COVID-19 passport as an alternative to restrictions in all its facilities and events. The use of the COVID-19 passport will continue even after the turn of the year. The COVID-19 passport will be checked from persons over 16 years while entering the building, including visitors, exhibitors and performers.

Health safety at Messukeskus

Our recommendation to all clients is to visit Messukeskus events completely healthy and without symptoms. We recommend using a face mask. If you forgot your mask, please contact our staff.  Check out our safety instructions for a safe event visitwww.messukeskus.com/safetyinstructions 

You can visit us with confidence. Messukeskus is fully prepared for the health safe implementation of events. Messukeskus Helsinki received a COVID-19 certificate in recognition of exemplary work for corona safety as the first Nordic event organiser.

I have purchased a ticket  to one of the public fairs which has been rescheduled. What should I do?

You do not have to do anything. Already purchased trade fair tickets can also be used in the same event next time or they can be exchanged for a Messukeskus gift ticket. Please note that this does not concern the Helsinki Book Fair which was organised virtually in 2020 and as a live event 2021.

Messukeskus welcomes you to these public fairs in 2022: MP, GoExpo, Video & Sound, Spring Fair, Local & Organic Food, On the Plate fair, Child Fair, Habitare 2022, I love me 2022 ja Auto  2022. Also Helsinki Book Fair will organised both 2021 and 2022 but the earlier tickets are not valid any more. This is due to the fact, that Helsinki Book Fair was organised virtually in 2020 and as a live event 2021 and all those who had bought a ticket then had the opportunity to exchange the purchased ticket for an eTicket or a gift ticket.

Should you prefer a gift ticket which can be used in any of our public fairs this year or in 2022, please contact our customer service: asiakaspalvelu@messukeskus.com. To get your free gift ticket, please send us your name, email address and your ticket or the ticket number.

I have a gift ticket but there has not been chances to use it. What should I do?

You do not have to do anything. Gift tickets can also be used at our events in this or next year. 

I have booked a stand at an exhibition that is now rescheduled. What should I do?

Bookings made by our business customers are automatically rescheduled to the new date. It is also possible to use the already paid booking fee for another of our events. Your contact person will help you with any questions you have.

What are the new dates of the rescheduled events?

  • Cyber Security Nordic 8.-9.3.2022
  • MP Motorcycle fair 25. – 27.3.2022
  • Spring Fair and Local & Organic Food 7.-10.4.2022
  • On the Plate Fair 9.-10.4.2022
  • Child Fair 22.-24.4.2022
  • PacTec, FoodTec & PlastExpo Nordic 18.-19.5.2022
  • Sign, Print & Promotion 18.-19.5.2022
  • Gastro Helsinki 18.–20.5.2022
  • PulPaper 7. – 9.6.2022
  • ChemBio Finland 8. – 9.6.2022
  • Helsinki Chemicals Forum 8. – 9.6.2022
  • Habitare 7.-11.9.2022
  • FinnBuild 4.-6.10.2022
  • I love me 21.-23.10.2022
  • SijoittajaMessut 16.11.2022
  • Automotive Aftermarket Fair 25-26.11.22022
  • Auto 25.-27.11.2022
  • TsigaBoom! 26.12.22-8.1.23
  • Matka Nordic Travel Fair 19.-22.1.2023
  • Educa 27.-28.1.2023
  • AudioVisual Expo 11.-12.10.2023
  • FinnSec 11.-12.10.2023
  • Real Estate 11.-12.10.2023

You can find all upcoming events on: www.messukeskus.com

Can hotel bookings be made, is Messukeskus’ hotel open?

Messukeskus’ hotel is temporarily closed from January 16 to March 23, 2022. However, you are most welcome to book accommodation for your future needs. Hotel web pages: https://finland.holidayinn.com/hotels/holiday-inn-helsinki-expo

Where do I get assistance in matters concerning meetings, conferences and exhibitions?

You can reach our customer service on weekdays:customer.service@messukeskus.com (9am-5pm) or +358 40 4503250 (9am-3pm)

Visitor services: asiakaspalvelu@messukeskus.com

eMessukeskus Helpdesk: yrityspalvelu@messukeskus.com

Business customer service: yrityspalvelu@messukeskus.com

Conference facility bookings: sales@messukeskus.com

See you at Messukeskus!