Messukeskus Helsinki has been rewarded for safety


Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo and Convention Centre, has been awarded for its long-term development of safety. Careful planning together with well-functioning practices and effective cooperation with the authorities formed the basis for granting this award to Finland’s leading venue for fairs, congresses and meetings.

Well-trained personnel, efficient practices and experience in event organising are key elements in the safety of Messukeskus. Years of planning and training for the quality certification has paid off as the carefully thought processes help prevent unwanted situations and ensure quick action if needed.

– Over one million visitors each year make it impossible for us to work otherwise. 90 % of safety is about careful planning and preparing for all possible situations, states Hall Service Manager Mr Pertti Mörö.

– Messukeskus provides face to face encounters and it is our duty to make our visitors feel safe. Safety is a key element in any successful event and something we can be proud of according to the feedback we have been given by our customers and visitors, explains Mörö.

Messukeskus is built to host big events and thus safety factors have already been thought over well in the course of time. Also long-term pre-emptive co-operation with risk management experts has paid off bringing needed support in these important issues.

Safety is present in everyday operations. For example, a thorough safety check is a standard procedure before each event. Also safety at workplace and providing partners with adequate guidance is a top priority at Messukeskus. Approximately 10 000 exhibitors and builders come each year to Messukeskus. In addition to that, Messukeskus has tens of partners who work under the same roof. Safety can never be neglected.

In addition to events and meetings, Messukeskus is the leading venue for annual general meetings, international conferences, concerts and festivals. Security issues have best been tested in numerous international summits, which Messukeskus has hosted in the past decades.

Planning carefully ahead and having well thought processes are not enough as such, having a positive attitude towards safety is crucial. Training the staff constantly is a vital factor in achieving this.

– We provide training and motivate our personnel. We give information, supervise and keep our facilities in shape, summarises Mörö.