Markus Fogelholm to be the chef in the new restaurant Platta in Messukeskus Helsinki

Markus Fogelholm

The Messukeskus Hotel will be renovated completely this year and at the same time the restaurant world of Messukeskus Helsinki will be renewed. The hotel’s street level will be dominated by the new restaurant Platta, for which Markus Fogelholm, 30, has been chosen as chef.

Markus Fogelholm has studied the restaurant industry at, among other places, at Institute Paul Bocuse in Lyon, France. He was a founder of Restaurant Regina in Punavuori and has worked in La Table, Olo, Savoy, Werner, and the Loop food waste restaurant’s kitchen in the former hospital district of Lapinlahti.

In August, Markus Fogelholm will begin as chef in the Fazer Food Services team in Messukeskus. His work is to plan the taste world and menus of Restaurant Platta, which will open in February 2019.

– I will get to build a completely new restaurant concept. It is fascinating to think about the menu as a backdrop of the constantly changing events, different audiences, and international visitors at Messukeskus. I will bring features of Scandinavian flavours and specialities dedicated to the exhibitions to the table, says Fogelholm.

In the food waste restaurant Loop, Markus Fogelholm created five-star meals from items discarded and brought there by the grocery stores. Respect for Fazer’s top quality and at the same time combating food waste are important starting points for his cooking. His products are also seasoned by lessons taught by his nutritionist parents: food must be both tasty and healthy.

Platta serves delicacies made in its own kitchen, inspired by the current seasons, trends, and the Messukeskus programme. The restaurant is open from morning till night, transforming from breakfast to business meeting stage, and evening meeting place. The taste world is complemented by coffee from Kaffa Roastery, microbrewery beers, bread baked in a pizza oven, and delicacies from the barbeque grill.

Platta Restaurant is part of the renewal of the Messukeskus event hotel

The Holiday Inn Helsinki Expo Messukeskus hotel, which is currently under renovation, will bring events to the centre in both its facilities and its restaurant. The Holiday Inn chain’s Open Lobby is an important cornerstone of the new hotel concept. It combines the lobby areas and the restaurant as a common space where guests eat, drink, work, rest, and socialise in a relaxed atmosphere. In addition to hotel guests, the Open Lobby is also open to be used as a living room for locals as well.

The hotel will be opened renovated on 1.3.2019 and at the same time, Platta Restaurant will also be opened. Before that, the temporary order restaurant Pop up Messari will be in the facilities in the fall of 2018. There are 271 seats in Platta Restaurant. Thanks to the flexible space arrangements, Platta can also be combined with a broader, 1,000-seat restaurant area on the ground floor of Messukeskus Helsinki.

The restaurant world of Messukeskus Helsinki includes 21 different restaurants and cafés. Responsible for restaurant services at the Messukeskus, Fazer Food Services is known for its strong tradition of handmade products, good service, and the best-known chocolate brand in the Nordic Countries.

Messukeskus Helsinki promotes Finnish trade and industry by enabling profitable face-to-face contacts at fairs, trade shows, congresses, and other events. Exhibitions and fairs are Finland’s seventh largest media. In terms of impact, they are the most profitable, the richest in experiences, and the most social of all media. In 2017, Messukeskus organised 75 exhibitions and more than 2,000 meetings and conferences, which attracted 9,400 exhibitors and 1.2 million visitors. The Finnish Fair Corporation, the company that owns Messukeskus Helsinki, celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2019.

Fazer is an international family business, which offers bakery products, sweets, biscuits, and wheat products, vegetable-based meals, milk-less products, take-out food and drinks, as well as catering and café services. Fazer’s mission is Food with a meaning. Operating in 8 countries, Fazer exports to approximately 40 countries. Founded in 1891, Fazer’s success from the very start has been based on unparalleled product and service quality, beloved brands, skilled people, and a responsible operating model. Fazer Group’s turnover in 2017 was 1.6 billion euros. The company employs close to 15,000 employees. Fazer operates in accordance with ethical principles, which are based on the values of the company and the Global Compact principles of the UN.

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