Innovation 2016 awards to new inventions in dental care


The Innovation award of the Finnish Dental Congress and Exhibition was this year awarded to MeridentOptergo Oy for its long-term research and development on MO loupes. The award is each year given to a company that has strived to improve the working conditions of dentists and other dental health professionals. Other aspects considered are the safety of patients and the overall quality of care. The innovation finalists were on display at the Finnish Dental Congress and Exhibition held 24-26 November at Messukeskus Helsinki.

In addition to the main prize, honourable mentions were given to HELPie from Medrian Oy and Planmeca ProModel from Plandent Oy.

The Innovation award highlights the best products and services on display at the exhibition and the winner is chosen by a jury consisting of dental care experts.

MeridentOptergo standardizing the use of loupes

MeridentOptergo has been a pioneer in developing accurate near vision aids for Finnish dentists and has brought loupes to daily use. The loupes of MeridentOptergo enhance precision and thus result in better quality of treatment. The loupes also improve ergonomics and prevent strain in neck and shoulders which are common problem areas for dental care professionals.

The products of MeridentOptergo are light and easy to use and the product range includes, for example, integrated lamps for the loupes. The service concept entails tailored solutions for each user in their authentic, personal working environment.

Innovation 2016 Honourable mention: HELPie (Medrian Oy)

The Finnish innovation HELPie is a disposable combination of a flexible bite block, a tongue cone and one-hole suction. HELPie holds the patient’s mouth open in a comfortable manner even for a longer period of time. It allows dentists and dental hygienists to work alone as the patient’s mouth is kept open during the operation and the patient’s tongue remains clear from the working area. The innovation saves valuable time.

Innovation 2016 Honourable mention: Planmeca ProModel (Plandent Oy)

Planmeca ProModel offers patient-specific, individually designed implants and physical models. The advanced 3D technology reduces time in operations and the results are more accurate. The procedure is safer and results in shorter recovery periods and more aesthetic results. The new technology promotes Finnish expertise and was also used in the very first facial tissue transplant procedure done in the Nordic countries.

For more information, please contact:

MeridentOptergo Oy
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Medrian Oy (HELPie)
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Kalle Salmela,, +358 50 310 8627
Plandent Oy (Planmeca ProModel)
Jari Outavaara,, +358 40 774 9860
Jani Horelli,, +358 400 207 961

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