A pet nest, luminous wall panels, and a mobile device cabinet equipped with a fire blanket: Habitare to showcase startup companies in a special area

A pet nest, luminous wall panels, and a mobile device cabinet equipped with a fire blanket: Habitare to showcase startup companies in a special area

Habitare is moving with the times, highlighting the ideas and works by a new generation of designers. The latest in the world of interior design will be presented in Habitare’s startup area, which will feature 12 up-and-coming companies, or companies with fascinating, new ideas in interior design and furniture. Habitare will be held at Messukeskus in Helsinki from 12 to 16 September 2018.

Habitare’s startup area will present 12 growth-oriented interior design and lifestyle companies from Finland and abroad. The exhibitors represent a wide range of companies in the industry. The area will feature furniture, interior decoration products made from a variety of materials, recycled products, newly conceived solutions to familiar objects, and, for the first time, designs for pets.

“We want to support bold companies in the furniture and interior design industry by providing them with an opportunity to present their ideas, products, or entire range for a large audience at an international event. This is the second time that a startup area has been built at Habitare, and the area is sold out,” says the sales group manager at Habitare, Lumia Ankkuri.

Mirkka Leino, the founder and CEO of Leino Design, which will make its debut appearance in the startup area, sees the company’s participation as a springboard and a showcase for presenting the company’s entire portfolio to tens of thousands of people at one go.

“We started running our company on a full-time basis a few years ago. For an interior decoration and design company that is just starting out, it is a challenge to find the right marketing channels to gain recognition, with so many similar companies around. It is important to distil that ‘special something’ about your own company and its competitive advantage. We are eagerly waiting to see what kind of visibility and what kinds of contacts we can establish at Habitare”, says Mirkka Leino.

The company’s future growth objectives are related to its shop and an expansion of the product range.

“We have a one-week-old brick-and-mortar shop in Salo in south-western Finland and many ideas for new products. We have also received product ideas from our customers, and it is amazing that we can engage our customers in the product development process,” Leino adds.

Habitare startups in 2018:

The Finnish company Addo will present a birch stool. The stackable stools can be combined to make a bench.

Modern, clean-lined interior decoration products work as storage for fire-extinguishing equipment, a storage and charging solution for mobile devices, a picture frame, or a plant pot.

3rd HandMade
The Finnish design studio uses recycled leather and wool to manufacture interior decoration products that combine the Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetic and Finnish craft tradition.

Husky Bongs
The company manufactures modular desks that resemble a car’s dashboard and that can be fitted with a game console and a computer screen, according to the customer’s wishes.

Industrial-style interior decoration objects, manufactured from metal and recycled wood, are the result of bringing together Finnish design and European cabinetmaking.

Kolo by Karvala
The Finnish company Karvala presents the first product in a product family designed for pets: a sound-absorbing pet nest, providing a solution for, for example, the sleeping problems of sound-sensitive dogs.

Kolo Sauna
A sauna bucket made of aluminium and a sauna ladle with a bamboo handle, which works both as a carry handle for the bucket and for throwing water onto the sauna stove.

Leino Design
The company designs and manufactures small decorative products and multifunctional furniture from Finnish stainless steel and other materials.

A thin non-glare LED luminaire that is made of bamboo, and designed and manufactured in Finland. The luminaire is made up of elements that can be easily joined together in the desired shape.

Noa design
The Estonian startup company presents luminous wall or ceiling panels made of wood fibre, and 3D decorative tiles for homes and public spaces.

The company designs and manufactures interior decoration products, such as posters and wall elements, from selected natural materials, such as Finnish wood, reindeer skin and Finnsheep wool.

The Estonian company Woolish Knitting manufactures modern and playful knitted interior decoration products that are inspired by traditional knitwear patterns.

More information:
Habitare, communications manager Johanna Suni, tel. +358 40 515 4216, johanna.suni@messukeskus.com
Photo: Habitare Start up area 2017, photo credit: Messukeskus/ Aino Huovio

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