Habi Kids to celebrate children’s urban culture in 2019

Habi Kids to celebrate children’s urban culture in 2019

The children’s area at Habitare, Habi Kids, will bring the urban culture of Helsinki and the joy of playing games to the event, as an urban game will be set up in the area, inviting everyone to play. The partners of Habi Kids, the Skidit (‘Kids’) children’s festival and the Helsinki City Museum, will bring a piece of Helsinki to the event. Habi Kids will be part of Habitare, to be held in Helsinki from 11 to 15 September 2019.

In 2019, Habi Kids will introduce to Habitare a game that is set in Helsinki, and that is based on the well-known board game Monopoly, intended for all children and the young at heart. The game, which will take over the area, gives an opportunity for creative play as you roll the dice and advance on the game board. The player may forget their hat on Liisankatu, go to jail, or even take a nap on Bulevardi. Anyone can just pop in and play the game for a while, or stay and play for a longer time.

The theme of the 2019 Habitare, Mindspaces, moves between the material and the intangible, as well as between the real and the imaginary. The sub-themes of Economy of Emotions, Realities, Private Matters, Reborn and Pursuit of Happiness will also be reflected in the Habi Kids area, for example, through the programme and a multi-sensory game, which will be open to all and based on the theme of happiness.

Explore Helsinki in the form of a game

One of the partners of Habi Kids in 2019 is the Skidit children’s festival, which participated in the design of the area back in 2018. The founder, Aino Heikkinen, reminds visitors that you can find play in anything.

“Helsinki belongs to us all, and the Helsinki game combines play, knowledge and design in a fun way. Habi Kids is the perfect platform to highlight creative professionals who combine their expertise with design, spatial design, children’s culture and the environment. The Skidit festival is proud to be involved in all this”, Aino Heikkinen concludes.

Visual elements of Habi Kids are led by Skidit graphic designer and illustrator Sanna Mander, and the functional and experimental aspects of Habi Kids are led by Skidit founder and producer Aino Heikkinen.

The second main partner, the Helsinki City Museum, is heavily involved in the development of the game. The Helsinki City Museum brings to the game, for example, their solid expertise in Helsinki and in producing urban culture.

“The Helsinki City Museum is eager to partner with Habitare in designing and implementing the Habi Kids area. We believe that visitors to both Habitare and the Helsinki City Museum have largely similar expectations. People, including families with children, expect their visit to be a good all-round experience. That’s why we want to contribute to making Habi Kids one of the highlights of Habitare for the many families with children who visit the event”, says the team lead at the Helsinki City Museum, Jari Harju.


More information:

Habitare, communications manager Eva Kiviranta, tel. +358 40 7756609, eva.kiviranta@messukeskus.com

Photograph: Sanna Mander, Habi Kids 2018

Habi Kids

Habi Kids is a children’s area produced by Habitare, which, in 2019, will be designed by the Skidit children’s festival. The main partners of Habi Kids include the Skidit children’s festival and the Helsinki City Museum.


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