FinnBuild Highlights products chosen

FinnBuild Highlights products chosen

FinnBuild, opening 4th October, will present new products of the future: energy saving, antibacterial products, air purification with blue light, real-time measurement data, a reinforced concrete micro-factory, circular economy, air cooling, a bio-based PEX pipe and a safe parking house for bicycles.

This year, the jury of the FinnBuild Highlights competition selected 9 Highlights from the products and services of the 35 companies that entered the competition. They will be presented at FinnBuild on 4-6 October 2022 at the companies’ own stands, which are marked with the Highlights emblem. The competition looks for the most interesting products, systems, methods, and services which

  • enhance the sector’s business capacity, quality development and safety or
  • ecological sustainability (low carbon, circular economy, biodiversity) or
  • social responsibility (personnel, social responsibility, end-users of the buildings).

The most impressive innovation of the competition, the “Highlight of Highlights”, will be announced at the fair on 4 October and awarded with an EUR 10,000 prize.

”Utterly significant innovations and reforms have been made within the construction and building technology field in recent years, which directly respond to the challenges of our time, such as energy efficiency, air hygiene and robotics, smart products, and circular economy opportunities,” says Ilkka Salo, Chairman of the FinnBuild Highlights jury and Managing Director of Talteka.

The FinnBuild Highlights jury’s choise 2022 (companies in alphabetical order):

Cyklon bicycle parking house

The Cyklon bicycle parking house is an architecturally high-standard, space and cost-effective solution for the storage needs for bicycles, scooters and other small vehicles for transporting people in condominiums, residential blocks, commercial and office buildings as well as in public spaces. The revolving parking level structure enables multi-storey construction, which brings considerable space and cost savings.

 The user-friendly, easy-to-monitor system is equivalent to the best parking facilities for cars. It is easy to park in the model-protected parking houses and Cyklon Stand bicycle racks, and they effectively protect bicycles from theft. The number of bicycle spaces can be selected per project from 50 bicycles to up to 400 bicycles. The parking house is barrier-free, and there is a separate space reserved for special bicycles. Providing safe bicycle storage is responsible in itself. Ecology can be seen in the parking house for example in the use of wood in building constructions and diverse façade options – for example, solar panels and green plant walls. The product will be launched at FinnBuild.

Cyklon bicycle parking houses decrease the need of space, freeing public areas and basements in condominiums for other functions.

Cyklon Nordic Oy, stand 1 a 5, launched at FinnBuild

Enervent Svea eAir E Cooler

Enervent Svea eAir E Cooler is an apartment-specific ventilation system with a compressor cooling unit for ventilation of small houses and apartment buildings. The modular structure of the device combination solves the ventilation and cooling of homes without the need for additional space or a separate outdoor unit.

There is a desperate need for efficient and compact ventilation systems and air cooling, especially in high-rise apartments during warm summers. It is possible to later add a Cooler unit to a Svea eAir E system that has been delivered earlier.

The advantage of Svea Cooler is that the cooling is achieved without draft. The cool air is evenly distributed along the ventilation channels to all rooms that are equipped with an intake air valve. The new generation R32 refrigerant, which has a smaller environmental impact and lower climate change effect than earlier, is used in Svea Cooler. The system has been introduced on the market in August 2022.

Enervent Zehnder Oy, stand 6 d 48,

NORDcanopy aSAP system for professional kitchen hoods

ETS NORD’s aSAP system for professional kitchen hoods is flexible when the need for ventilation changes. The size and power of the hood can be altered with additional parts. The hood can easily be disassembled into parts again, washed and delivered to a new kitchen and reused. The aSAP kitchen hood can be delivered as a dismountable assembly kit, which makes the transport of the hood effective and the installation in cramped spaces easier. The aSAP kitchen hood guarantees that there is no need to compromise in hood size to achieve good ventilation level even in limited spaces.

There are approximately 13,000 professional kitchens in Finland. Every fifth year, about 70% of the professional kitchens change the order or renew the technology of the kitchen appliances. The aSAP system is flexible when the need for ventilation changes, and the hoods can easily be changed to meet the new requirements brought by kitchen appliances.

Etsnord As, Finland branch, stand 6 d 70,

Halton Vita VHR

The device offers two different cleaning methods in the same product for more efficient cleaning of premises.

Halton Vita VHR is a HEPA diffuser with an integrated LED light for spaces where extreme cleanliness of the indoor air is required. The HEPA filter prevents the spreading of bacteria and viruses in the air, and the adjustable nozzles adjust the desired flow pattern, so that the incoming air and the room air mix perfectly and pleasantly. The light integrated into the device uses Finnish blue light technology, which offers a chemical-free method for disinfecting surfaces. Visible blue light destroys microbes from the air and surfaces. The lamp also has a high-quality white light for general lighting, so it frees up space in the sub-ceiling. When connected to the DALI light control system, the blue light disinfection starts automatically when the facilities are not in use.

This Finnish innovation has been developed to support clean room professionals in the fight against contaminants. The device is perfectly suited for healthcare and industrial facilities to ensure the cleanliness of indoor air and surfaces.

Halton Oy, stand 6 b 71,

3D printing micro-factory and circular economy concrete

The micro-factory includes a 3D printing robot and technology that makes it possible to design structures that save up to 75% of material compared to traditional cast concrete structures. The micro-factory can also easily be transported to difficult places, for example by helicopter. Hyperion develops concrete mixtures suitable for 3D printing using industrial waste flows, such as Metso-Outotec mining waste or waste flows from paper and pulp production. This makes it possible to save up to 90% in greenhouse gas emissions.

Hyperion Robotics Oy, stand specified later,


MyMetec is an innovative, intelligence integrating IoT solution that involves properties and residents in significant energy savings. With the challenges of today’s energy availability, myMetec is an extremely timely and a responsible service, the potential of which is significant energy savings in society.

The system, which can be installed in new houses and older buildings, collects real-time measurement data both on energy consumption as well as other consumption figures and conditions of the property. With the help of the data collected in the cloud service and just by optimizing the temperature, annual cost savings up to 20% can be achieved. For builders, we deliver a measurement system, while for residents we are a service provider that harnesses the real estate’s intelligence to optimize consumption habits.

The work on myMetec has started during the autumn of 2021 (React-EU: support funding, part of the Vipuvoimaa EU:sta (Leverage from EU) programme.) The first phase of the 16,000-hour, EUR 1.5 million project will be launched in Helsinki during the energy saving week on 11 October 2022.

Metec Oy, stand specified later, launched at FinnBuild,

CleanEmal® by Temal

CleanEmal® is a new, silver-containing, naturally antibacterial enamel glaze that is permanently burnt to the steel at 830 degrees. CleanEmal® protects against bacteria, mould and fungal growth and is particularly durable: its effect or power never wears off the coating. CleanEmal® offers a sustainable, ecological and health-safe solution. The glaze makes cleaning easier, extends cleaning intervals and does not require strong chemical detergents or cleaning agents to keep it clean.

By combining an ancient material (the oldest surviving enamel objects are from the time of the pharaohs) with health safety, Temal created an antibacterial enamel coating for basins, which, together with antibacterial Sisu furniture, will revolutionise bathroom cleanliness in schools, restaurants, hotels as well as in hospitals, nursing homes, trains and ships. The long-life product combines durability, environmental friendliness, health safety and antibacterial properties. Made in Finland. With pride.

Temal Oy, stand 7 f 118, (launched at FinnBuild)

Uponor PEX Pipe Blue- the world’s first bio-based PEX pipe (ISCC certified)

Uponor PEX Pipe Blue is a bio – based PEX pipe made from renewable raw materials. Uponor PEX Pipe Blue pipes can be used in the piping of floor heating, household water and radiator heating systems. The Uponor PEX Pipe Blue can be chosen instead of a fossil – based PEX pipe. The potential is to change the entire current PEX pipe selection to a bio – based material.

Uponor PEX Pipe Blue pipes promote the use of renewable raw materials in PEX pipes. The carbon footprint of the new pipes is up to 90% smaller compared to fossil-based PEX pipes (ISCC certified, based on the mass balance model).

Uponor Suomi Oy, stand to be specified,

VILPE Sense smart ceiling is a system for moisture management

VILPE Sense is an intelligent system for preventing moisture damage. Thanks to Sense, the ventilation of structures occurs according to need. In addition to preventing moisture damage, the same system also combines moisture monitoring in structures and the insulation layer. Sense dries the insulation layer when needed, for instance after rain or during a damp autumn. It also searches for and alerts at even the smallest, hard-to-detect roof leaks. This way, the roof leak can be repaired before it becomes a big and more expensive problem. VILPE Sense is based on the latest IoT technology. VILPE Sense can also be used to ventilate the base floor and remove moisture.

VILPE Oy, stand 6 d 51,

Competition jury: Ilkka Salo, Managing Director, Talteka, Tapio Kivistö, Editor-in-Chief, Rakennuslehti, Elina Samila, Circular Economy Specialist, Green Building Council Finland, Piia Sormunen, Industry Professor, Building services, Tampere University, Antti Aaltonen, Director, Building Development, Rakennusteollisuus RT.

FinnBuild is the largest event in the field of construction and building technology in Finland, both in terms of number of participating companies, number of visitors and exhibition area. During normal circumstances, the fair is organised every second year.  In 2018, more than 25,000 visitors visited the event., LinkedIn, Twitter

Further information: Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre, Information Officer Anu-Eveliina Mattila, tel. +358 50 555 6183, Chairman of the jury Ilkka Salo,, tel. +358 40 847 9907.