At Habi Kids, visitors can explore Helsinki in the form of a game

At Habi Kids, visitors can explore Helsinki in the form of a game

The children’s area at the Habitare design event, Habi Kids, will bring the urban culture of Helsinki to Habitare in the form of a game. In addition to the game, which everyone can play, the area also lets visitors explore classic outdoor games and city sounds in a music playgroup. The partners of Habi Kids, the Skidit (‘Kids’) children’s festival, Hakola, Pixmill and the Helsinki City Museum, will bring a piece of Helsinki to the event. Habi Kids will be part of Habitare, to be held at Messukeskus in Helsinki from 11 to 15 September 2019.

In 2019, Habi Kids will introduce to Habitare the Skidipeli game (‘Kids’ Game’) that is set in Helsinki, and that is based on the well-known board game Monopoly, intended for all children and the young at heart. The game, which will take over the area, gives an opportunity for creative play as you roll the dice and explore the city of Helsinki. Players may forget their hat on Liisankatu, go to jail, or even take a nap on Bulevardi.

“It has been a pleasure to build Habi Kids together with the Helsinki City Museum, our printing partner Pixmill, and Hakola. Helsinki and the stories of the city can be nicely integrated into the game in cooperation with the Helsinki City Museum. The café culture is an integral part of Helsinki, and together with Hakola, we can put a wonderfully furnished street café at the centre of the Skidipeli game. The café is open throughout Habitare’s opening hours, offering a great place of relaxation for all visitors to Habitare”, says the producer of Habi Kids, Aino Heikkinen.

In addition to the Skidipeli game, Habi Kids offers a full programme throughout Habitare. The Helsinki City Museum organises guided tours within Skidipeli. Every day, visitors will have the opportunity to discover the fun city characters featured in the game, along with the sounds of the city, in a music playgroup organised by the Kallio Music School. From Friday to Sunday, it will also be possible to explore classic outdoor games in guided sessions.

The morning of 13 September will bring Pienten peliperjantai (‘Game Friday for the Little Ones’). The whole day will be full of games and stories of Helsinki. What was it like to be a child in Helsinki in the past? What games were played? The programme will also feature a children’s music street concert, entitled Tuulihattuja ja tuhatjalkaisia (‘Wind Caps and Centipedes’), which dives into the world of poems by Marjatta Kurenniemi, with Miia of the group Mutaveijarit (‘The Mud Mates’) and Sanni of the group Pikku Papun Orkesteri (‘Little Papu’s Orchestra’).


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Habi Kids

Habi Kids is a children’s area produced by Habitare, which, in 2019, will be designed by the Skidit children’s festival. The main partners of Habi Kids include the Skidit children’s festival, Hakola, Pixmill and the Helsinki City Museum.



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