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Virtual and Hybrid Event Services

Enrich a physical event and effectively reach even large target groups. Through the internet you can engage people around the world even when your event attendees are not physically present.

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Take Your Event Experience to a New Level

With virtual services you also enrich a physical event and effectively reach even large target groups. Through the internet you can engage people around the world even when your event attendees are not physically present.

Implement interviews, seminar programs, Webinars, recordings or for instance panel discussions easily and conveniently in a virtual studio and our event premises.

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Labquality Days | February 11-12, 2021

The international professional event for laboratory medicine, Labquality Days 2021, was organised for the first time in a completely virtual way, and it caused significant changes to the whole event – from design to implementation. The five parallel studios of Messukeskus broadcasted two days of lectures, presentations and speeches by top international experts.

“The facilities, service ability and professionalism of the staff are in place at Messukeskus. The effort was huge, but everthing was perfect when there was an enthusiastic, motivated and technically competent team around. This annual event is our business card, so it is worth choosing a high-quality producer as a partner,” says Päivi Burakoff, Training Manager.

The Finnish Medical Convention 2021 | January 13-15, 2021

Corona does not stop at anything, even doctors’ meetings, so in January, the largest training event within the sector, the Finnish Medical Convention 2021, underwent a complete transformation. For the first time, the event was fully virtual.

“There were five parallel transmission units in use at Messukeskus, as well as recess rooms. All the facilities were located close to each other and proved to be functional. We received technical support from Messukeskus’ audio visual team SVV, they know what they’re doing. Thank you Messukeskus and SVV, we were in good hands, technical challenges were always tackled!” says Training Coordinator Terhi Hulkko from the Finnish Medical Association.

Business College Helsinki | December 16, 2020

Business College Helsinki organized a graduation party for students as a virtual event for the first time. The whole event had to be redesigned from the beginning.

“We received excellent and clear sparring assistance for the production from Messukeskus’ audio visual experts. The virtual studio worked perfectly and the graduation party was spectacular. The feedback has also been very positive. We learned to produce the event in a new, good way thanks to Messukeskus’ professionals,” says Riitta Antikainen from Business College Helsinki.

The Finnish Cardiological Society | November 17-18, 2020

The Finnish Cardiological Society organized its autumn meeting as a virtual event. The program featured 22 lecturers remotely, some live from abroad. Some of the remote lectures were streamed directly and some were obtained as ready-made recordings, however, with the lecturers present in the discussion sections remotely. The result was high-quality recordings that can also be used for training later.

“The facilities were great and the technique worked flawlessly. The technology and terminology were new, but we learned a lot, and were given support and information from a technical expert. The cooperation with Messukeskus was smooth and it was easy to trust the technical professionals,” says Tuija Ranta, Office Manager of the Finnish Society of Cardiology.

Wood Day | November 5, 2020

Puuinfo organized its annual Wood Day event exceptionally as a webinar. Programme was broadcasted an entire day from the virtual studio 306 at Messukeskus. Messukeskus’ audio visual team helped to plan the implementation of the event as well as to create a sending schedule and configure the event platform. During the performances, the team was responsible for streaming, visual file management, audio, filming, and recording.

“The immediate feedback from the participants, both during and after the event itself, was very positive. Messukeskus’ virtual studio technique was perfect, and it was great to work with professionals!” says Matti Mikkola, President and CEO of the Federation of Finnish Woodworking Industries.

Felm | August 22, 2020

Felm, the agency of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland for the international work, held its annual meeting for the first time as a hybrid meeting. The arrangements emphasised ease of use of technology due to the wide age range of the meeting representatives. Additionally, strong identification and the opportunity to comment remotely via microphone were desired for the meeting.

“Felm’s annual meeting as a hybrid was a great success. The technical implementation was smooth. Cooperation and communication was also very smooth throughout the project and the staff of Messukeskus was friendly and helpful,” says Tarja Larmasuo, Administrative Director of Felm.

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