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CASE: Nordic Business Forum



Known for excellent customer experience and inspiring speakers, Nordic Business Forum is a two-day event that gathers people interested in business management, leadership and other current phenomena in business life from around the world to Finland.

Nordic Business Forum has been organised in Messukeskus Helsinki since 2014. It is constantly growing and emphasis is put on continuously developing the event. One example of this is the opportunity to live stream the event in full 360-degree view with the help of VR goggles. This gives business professionals all over the world the opportunity to enjoy the full experience virtually.





Nordic Business Forum was organised for the first time in 2011 by eight people in the city of Jyväskylä and there is a great story behind it. The founders Jyri Linden and Hans-Peter Siefen decided that they wanted to invite Al Gore to lecture in Finland. After this was successfully achieved, they realized that this type of an event could become even bigger and an ambitious goal was set: in 2021 Nordic Business Forum is one of the leading business events in the world. The event is reaching this goal with considerable speed.

“Our aim has never been to just organise an event. Nordic Business Forum is the coolest thing we know,“ states Jyri Linden, founder of Nordic Business Forum.

Team and preparations

Nordic Business Forum has grown rapidly as has the team responsible for the event. At the moment the team includes over 20 members who deal with different areas of organising an event, such as marketing, sales, customer service and international affairs. The team also relies on a host of students who volunteer. All the preparations employ the entire team for a whole year which means that all details are carefully thought of.



Organising an internationally acknowledged event


We asked Jyri Linden what are the key elements behind the rapid growth and success of Nordic Business Forum. Linden lists three things. First, the entire team is committed to the event each year. The event is an essential part of the founders’ lives and each team member enjoys their work. Another factor is the team’s motivation towards sales. An active and motivated sales team is of utmost importance. The third aspect is the content. Each year the event has succeeded in positively surprising its visitors and in giving them something new.

Marketing the event


The marketing campaign of Nordic Business Forum focuses on social media, TV and printed media. However, the most important channel is personal sales which has brought the first visitors to the event after which they have been committed to attend every year. Satisfied visitors spread the word and create a powerful FOMO effect: Nordic Business Forum is not to be missed. The event has a state of the art sales team that believes in their work. Personal sales is vital in events like this as the sales person’s motivation creates trust. The international nature of the event also sets demands for the sales team and Nordic Business Forum has managed to employ just the right persons for this task.




Nordic Business Forum is organised at Messukeskus Helsinki’s Amfi Hall and parts of the seats have been expanded into Hall 2 creating two-sided seating. Suomen videoviestintä (SVV) is the partner in audiovisual solutions and provides all the needed equipment from wide screens to molton curtains. Amfi Hall is perfect for Nordic Business Forum as it enables interaction between the speakers and the audience. In events of this scale it is important that things like lunch breaks run smoothly.  Nordic Business Forum has now over 7,500 seminar guests and 20,000 live stream viewers so managing crowds and avoiding queues is vital.

Tips from the organiser

We asked Jyri Linden to give some tips on how to organise successful events.

What advice would you give on creating an internationally acknowledged event?

Localised marketing and knowing the target culture are crucial elements: different things work in different places. Hire local experts to your team already in the early stages of planning.

What does the future hold for Nordic Business Forum?

With regards to the visitor number, we are at our maximum. There is no point in making an event like ours any bigger. Our emphasis is on the quality of the content and marketing. One area of development is live streaming which creates a nearly endless customer base and a truly unique experience. With these steps we are steadily moving towards our goal set for 2021.

Best tips for event marketing

Start in time. The major reason why events fail is the lack of time. Of course cultural differences need to be considered and there is no use in starting marketing too early.


Nordic Business Forum in a nutshell


over 7,500 seminar guests and 20,000 live stream viewers (2018)


Messukeskus Helsinki’s Amfi Hall, seats expanded to Hall 2 enabling two-sided seating in 2014-2016. Halls 6 and 7 to enable growth up to 7,500 visitors.

Additional services

Suomen videoviestintä (SVV) audiovisual services, wide screens, several meters of molton curtain, catering services by Fazer Food Services, event planning with Messukeskus, security services by Securitas.