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Accreditation for journalists and content creators

Media accreditation | Press Pass

Journalists, photographers and other media representatives can apply for accreditation to visit our exhibitions. To qualify, you need a valid membership card of the Union of Journalists in Finland or similar proof that you are a media representative who will be working at fairs. To receive a Press Pass, please present your card at the Press Centre. We don’t send passes by e-mail.

Accredited media representatives can freely visit exhibitions organised by Messukeskus and use the services available for media. We require accredited journalists to be committed to ethical journalistic practices.

Get accreditation in advance or register at the Press Centre during event opening hours.

Events organized by Messukeskus may be filmed and video recorded for personal or journalistic use, as long as it does not disturb other clients or the ongoing program. Please remember to respect the privacy of our guests when photographing. If you are photographing or recording identifiable people, you should ask their permission. In case of children, it is absolutely essential to ask permission from the parents in writing. Messukeskus also has the right to prohibit photographing  and filming. Recording of the entire program always requires the permission from Messukeskus communications,


Content creator accreditation and pass

We provide passes for content creators interested in subjects related to our exhibitions. To qualify, you must meet specific criteria. Be sure to send your application by the deadline, which is usually a couple of weeks before the event.
We will inform all accredited content creators personally by e-mail. The message will also contain instructions on where to pick up the Content Creator Pass.

Accredited content creators can also use the services available for media.

Apply for Content Creator pass

Messukeskus also hosts third-party events, meaning that external organisers rent our facilities for their own events. The accreditation procedures for these events can be different, and media visits must be separately agreed upon with the organisers.