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Corporate responsibility is embedded in our values. One of our three core values is Being responsible, which includes the following:

  • I take responsibility for my work
  • I take responsibility for our customers’ success
  • I take responsibility for people, the environment and the economy

The Finnish Fair Corporation has been granted ISO 14001 environmental management certification. We comply with environmentally sustainable principles, laws and regulations and are part of the Sustainable Meetings Region in accordance with the Scandinavian Sustainable Meetings Accord of the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA).

We work hard to minimise the negative environmental impacts of our operations. Our key environmental goals are cutting our energy consumption, reducing the amount of waste and recycling 100% of the waste we generate. Environmental activities are included in our business planning; we set annual targets for these activities and monitor their achievement.

We actively communicate on environmental and corporate responsibility issues to our customers and stakeholders, and provide customers with opportunities to make responsible choices. In addition to cutting energy consumption, our communications themes include various recycled products and reducing food waste.

We provide our employees with regular training and actively communicate on environmental matters also internally.