Corporate responsibility

Economic impact

Our economic responsibility

  • The economic impact of Messukeskus on the surrounding community is €250m a year.
  • Exhibitions, congresses and meetings contribute to employment in hotels, public transportation and restaurants in the Helsinki metropolitan area.
  • In addition to its own personnel, Messukeskus employs around 30 partner companies on its premises.

Housing technology

Our environmental responsibility

  • Messukeskus operates in accordance with sustainable principles.
  • Messukeskus has been awarded ISO 9001 quality certification and ISO 14001 environmental certification.
  • The Conference Centre of Messukeskus is part of the Sustainable Scandinavian Meetings Region of the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA).
  • Messukeskus recycles all waste.
  • Messukeskus favours organic and local food in catering.



Our environmental goals

  • Reducing the amount of waste
  • Halving the amount of organic waste
  • Optimising energy use
  • Cutting CO2 emissions by 7,300 tonnes
  • Reducing energy consumption by 33,000 MWh
  • Using the latest building systems to save energy


Our social responsibility

Messukeskus promotes the competence and well-being of its 270 skilled employees. Read more >>

Every year, the Finnish Fair Foundation, one of the owners of Messukeskus, awards prizes, scholarships and grants worth €400,000 in total, in order to support Finnish know-how. The most famous prizes are the Kaj Franck Design Prize, the Habitare Design Award, the For Love of the Book Award and the Young Designer of the Year Award.