Description of visitor register

Personal Data Act (523/99) 10 and 24 §
Date of enforcement 3 October 2017

1. Controller

The Finnish Fair Corporation
Messuaukio 1, 00521 Helsinki, Finland
Tel. +358 40 450 3250
VAT number: 0116322-3
Trade register number: 209.446

2. Representative of the controller

Messukeskus / Customer service
Messuaukio 1, 00520 Helsinki, Finland
Tel. +358 40 450 3250

3. Name of register

The Finnish Fair Corporation’s visitor register

4. Defined purpose of data

Data will be used by the controller. The gathered data will be used in the marketing of the fair, in developing the fair (visitor profile information), and to calculate the official visitor number (by Media Audit Finland Oy). We will not share your details with any other third parties unless we have your explicit consent.

5. The register includes

Company, visitor’s first and last name, company address, postal code and city, country, email, position in the company, line of business, role in purchasing and other profile questions.

6. Collecting personal data

Personal data in the register is gathered from the fair’s electronic visitor registration and/or other forms of registration. Electronic visitor registration refers to pre-registering, in which the visitor registers online before the fair, or at Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo and Convention Centre when entering the fair.

7. Transfer of personal data outside the European Union or the European Economic Area

The information will not be given outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.

8. Principles for data protection

8.1. Manual material is formed in special occasions by material gathered in hand written forms (when the electronic visitor register system is not in use). Manually collected material will be preserved in locked archives until the deadline issued by Media Audit Finland Oy has passed (app. 3 months). After that the data will be saved electronically and manual information will be destroyed.

8.2. Visitor information collected via pre-registration, registering on the spot, or from invitation cards to electronic format, will be kept on the server of the visitor register until the following fair. After that the information will be destroyed by the controller. Only the employees of the Finnish Fair Corporation and the supplier of the system have access to the information. Information is secured with passwords and usernames.

Information in the visitor register is not classified.

9. Right to inspect personal data

Anyone in the register has the right to go through the personal information collected to the register and receive copies of it. The request for this information must be done in writing and to the party mentioned in section 2.

10. Correcting information

The register holder corrects, deletes or completes any information if its outdated, incorrect or unnecessary. Also the customer has the right to request any of these procedures. This request must be done in writing to the party mentioned in section 2.

11. Right to decline

The customer has the right to decline any direct marketing, sales or research. The customer also has the right not to let his/her information be used for genealogy. Declining from these procedures must be done in writing to the party mentioned in section 2.