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Messukeskus employee playbook

A portrait of a Messukeskus employee

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken”, said a wise man called Oscar Wilde once. Just be you – there’s no need to be too formal. We like you just the way you are.

The best way to do #Messukeskus work is to be open, social and curious. Responsibility is embedded deep in our values. We are responsible for people, economy and the environment. We talk to each other; not about each other. We also respect diversity, because it offers us different points of view.

Messukeskus employees’ have summarised their common values:

Licence to smile

  • We are motivated, and we inspire others
  • We show respect
  • You feel good in Messukeskus

We develop our operations boldly learning new things

  • We simplify things and focus on the customer
  • We learn from failure and success
  • We listen and try new things

Responsibility makes us strong

  • We take responsibility for our own work
  • We take responsibility for making our customers succeed
  • We take responsibility for people, environment and economy



Responsibility is in the DNA of every Messukeskus employee, and it covers people, businesses and the environment. #Messukeskus work has promoted Finnish business life for more than a hundred years. We are determined to be a 110-percent carbon neutral event venue in 2029, when we celebrate our 110th anniversary.

We try not to print on paper too much, we recycle our waste following instructions attached to the trash can cabinets, and we switch off our computers and screens in the meeting rooms at the end of the day. If something needs to be fixed or there is a leaking tap, we contact our skilled maintenance team straight away. We take sustainability into account in procurement, too. We favour public transport for environmental reasons.

There are ecopoints in every hall, and all building materials are carefully recycled, too. Keeping the tools in their own places improves occupational safety and prevents incidents in the halls.  When you keep walkways open and keep your tools where they should be, you don’t have to waste time looking for them.


Efficient meetings

Messukeskus employees are punctual, and they respect others’ working time by going to meetings prepared and on time and taking part actively. They don’t just show up and be passive listeners. However, everybody is late sometimes, and then it would be a good idea to send a text message to the host.

There is always an agenda at our meetings. It is prepared and delivered to the participants in advance. The agenda helps you get ready for the meetings. You can also use them to choose between several meetings if you happen to be extremely busy. A clear to do list saves everybody’s time. We are also in favour of allocating tasks in an efficient manner. Memos are kept as short as possible, and phones are kept on silent at meetings. If you receive a call that you have to take – for instance, from your children –, you can step outside the meeting room for a minute.


We work in a modern way

Messukeskus employees often work remotely. Remote work is ordinary work, but we just do it at home, in a café or some other place. However, it is important to remember that you should be able to reach us by phone or via Skype or email. We can also easily attend meetings remotely using Skype or Teams.


Tools and workflow

We use digital tools at #Messukeskus work every day, and we have quite an impressive variety of tools at our disposal, for example Teams, Planner, Yammer, Delve and other could services.

As Messukeskus employees, we avoid having meandering email conversations with a large number of colleagues. It is much easier to have a conversation via Yammer or face to face.


Customer first

We focus on the customer and prioritise customer service. Every encounter affects quality – everything we do is communication. The response time of our customer service team is 24 hours, and we other Messukeskus employees try to do the same. The response time of 24 hours concerns email messages, call back requests and messages sent via social media channels.

Helping customers is of course the best service. Many things get done well mainly because partners and Messukeskus employees work together seamlessly for the benefit of customers. So let’s be good colleagues, respect each other’s input and value collaboration under this big roof.


Learning new things

Messukeskus offers its partners training about the use of tools, safety and customer service, for instance. You are warmly welcome to join the trainings!

It is worth taking care of your personal development, and study new trends with your colleagues and the contact person of Messukeskus. Share your knowledge with your colleagues to multiply the benefits.


Having fun

Laughter is the best therapy when too much is happening too fast. #Messukeskus work is sometimes done at a fast pace, so laughing is almost a necessity. We are glad to hear different kinds of laughing styles often.  Joking is of course allowed and even highly recommended. Nothing saves your day better than a friendly expo prank.


How are you feeling?

New ideas are very welcome at #Messukeskus work. Messukeskus may be a hundred-year-old business, but we refuse to show the rigors of old age!

We try to grow our business and develop new ideas in a diverse and active manner. The world is changing, and we are trying to improve our operations. Sometimes it means that things are not done the same way we used to do them. We encourage our colleagues who dare to do things differently! Nothing is better than to look at things from our customers’ points of view or otherwise from a new perspective. You can present your ideas to your Messukeskus colleagues face to face or via Yammer, for instance.


The playbook is constantly being developed. If you notice things that should be completed or updated, please tell your Messukeskus contact person about them.