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Lost property

Found property enquiries:
Suomen löytötavarapalvelu, Mäkelänkatu 56, 00510 Helsinki
Open Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00 and Sat 10:00-14:00
Tel. 0600-41006 within Finland (1.98€/min+lnc), tel. +358 600 41006 from other countries
You can also use an enquiry form.

Covid-19 and safety

We do everything to make your visit at Messukeskus safe in all ways. We follow authorities’ guidelines closely but as an experienced event organizer we also proactively want to ensure the safety of our facilities and services. Read more on our COVID-19 page.

Messukeskus Helsinki has the right to refuse entry on the grounds of health security. In this case, Messukeskus will exchange the entrance ticket for a gift ticket, which gives a one-time entry to all events organised by Messukeskus during the same year.

Tickets and admission

Ticket shop – buying tickets in advance
From our ticket shop, you can buy tickets to our consumer shows easily and without service charges. When you buy tickets at least one day before the event, the price will be lower. Messukeskus ticket shop

Tickets at the entrance
The Southern and Northern Entrances of Messukeskus open half an hour before the start of exhibitions.

Ticket prices
Ticket prices are shown on event pages. We also offer customers multi-day passes, and discounts are available for groups, students, conscripts and pensioners. At events organised by Messukeskus, entry is free for the personal assistants of disabled persons.

We will have a new ticket type for you: an annual ticket, which gives you a one-time entry to all public events organised by Messukeskus in 2021. The annual ticket costs 100 euros, and it will be available from our online shop.

Tickets can be paid for in cash or with the most common debit and credit cards, such as Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club.

Complimentary tickets
If you have received a complimentary ticket from a company participating, please take it with you and show it at the entrance. The ticket gives you one-time entry to the event specified in the ticket. Please write your name on the reverse side; the name information will be used only for calculating the number of visitors.

Admission to trade shows
To attend a trade show, you must register in advance either online or at one of the entrances. Further information is available on event pages. Be prepared to prove that you are a professional. To enter the exhibition, you need a badge, which you can print out in advance or at a Help Desk at one of the entrances.

Group tickets
Group tickets can be bought from our ticket shop in advance, or at the entrances during the opening hours of events. The members of the group don’t all need to arrive at the same time, if you have bought your tickets from the web shop. If you buy tickets at the entrance, the whole group should arrive simultaneously.

Student discount
Please show your student card at the entrance. If you have no student card, ask your educational institution to give you a certificate of your student status.

Conscripts get a discount by showing a card that proves they are entitled to a discount.

Pensioners get a discount by showing a card that proves they are entitled to a discount.

– An unemployment payment decision that is a maximum of 3 months old from Kela or an unemployment fund
– A statement printed out from the TE Services’ Oma asiointi eServices website
– A statement of integration received by the person before he or she receives the actual statement of unemployment
– Proof of unemployment may also be a statement presented in an electronic format
– No discount is granted based on an appointment booking card of the TE Office or a TE Office customer card

Personal assistant
At events organised by Messukeskus, entry is free for the personal assistants of disabled persons.
Guide and assistance dogs are welcome at Messukeskus.

Bringing pets to an exhibition
For allergy reasons, pets are not allowed at Messukeskus. However, guide dogs are welcome.


Cloakroom fee
The cloakroom fee is €3 (attended cloakroom). You can pay in cash or with the most common payment cards. You can also leave one suitcase at the cloakroom. Some events have a separate cloakroom for luggage.

Parking fee
The parking fee is €12, which allows you to park once and stay for 24 hours. Charging provided by EuroPark. Payment options: at Messukeskus payment machines, as a mobile payment with the EasyPark application, at or by EuroPark invoice in arrears, includes an invoicing fee.

Play corner for children
A free-of-charge play corner is available for children at most consumer shows in Upper Gallery. The guardian is responsible for the child. The child must not be left unattended in the room.

Borrowing a wheelchair
We have wheelchairs at the entrances that can be borrowed free-of-charge. If you wish to reserve a wheelchair in advance, send a message to Please list the following in the message: the date and time of arrival, the entrance and your contact details.

Other things to notice

Using your own wireless microphones at Messukeskus
Messukeskus organizes events and exhibitions where sound systems are widely used, both on stages and at exhibitors stands. If you are considering i.e. bringing your own camera and a microphone, please bring a wired microphone with you. Wireless microphones will interfere with the microphone frequencies that have been selected and organized between the stages and exhibitors of the event. If an exhibition visitor is spotted using a wireless microphone during the event, Messukeskus has the right to forbid using the microphone.

Photographing and video recording
Events may be filmed and video recorded for personal or journalistic use, as long as it does not disturb other clients or the ongoing program. Please remember to respect the privacy of our guests. If you are photographing or recording identifiable people, you should ask their permission. In case of children, it is absolutely essential to ask permission from the parents and do it in writing. Messukeskus also has the right to prohibit photographing  and filming. Recording of the entire program always requires the permission from the organiser.