Messukeskus is Finland’s largest and most versatile venue

We organise 75 trade and consumer shows and 2,000 meetings and congresses every year. Visitors include 10,000 media representatives and bloggers.

Messukeskus offers

  • 40 conference rooms
  • 7 exhibition halls
  • 58,000 square metres of space for events
  • Amfi Hall for 4,400 people
  • 21 cafés and restaurants
  • business hotel with 244 top-quality rooms
  • 4,600 parking spaces
  • 200 skilled professionals to assist you


Messukeskus is a flexible venue that can be adapted to your precise needs.

Some excamples what we have done:

Summits and general meetings

Pets and farm animal shows

Scuba diving and swimming pool

Banquets and lunch meetings

Music festivals

Exhibitions and showrooms

Exhibitions are touchpoint media

We want to offer opportunities for face-to-face meetings and experiences. We bring together companies and customers, people and experiences, experts and seekers of inspiration, professionals and learners. We enable profitable encounters at the largest event venue in Finland. We organise exhibitions and events, and provide our versatile facilities for the use of our customers.


We believe that people have the need to meet other people, be surprised, experience new things, be curious, be influenced, buy products, seek experiences. Encounters have been shown to be the most profitable form of interaction.