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Versatile and stylish meeting room 217

Meeting room 217 is a place where new ideas and innovations arise. The room offers an ideal setting for a core team and a group of 24 people. In its basic setting, the room is furnished in a classroom style but can be furnished according to the groups wishes.

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Furniture and equipment

Basic furnishing: classroom style for 24 people

  • chairman’s desk for two
  • 90″ LCD screen and a flip chart
  • Internet connection (1 pc)
  • air conditioning


Size: 51-52 m²
Theatre style: 36 people
Classroom style: 24 people
Banquet style: 20 people
Cocktail style: 70 people
Negotiation style: 12 people
U-shaped table style: 22 people

Take advantage of the registration area outside the meeting room: