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Meeting room 214 LOISTO

A glorious meeting room 214 LOISTO

Meeting room 214 gathers 14-16 guests around the table.

LOISTO is the crown jewel of the conference rooms at the heart of the Siipi conference center. It is an elegant meeting room that captivates the senses. It is a pleasure to invite there those who need pampering.

The room is a great place for pursuing new insights or celebrating achievements with the team. The spectacular space gathers 14 people around the same table. There ideas dive deep into the water and rise brilliantly to be executed.

LOISTO has earned her own title menu. Now you can offer your customers an even more exclusive experience: Try the breakfast and afternoon mouth-watering LOISTO meeting menus!

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Furniture and equipment

Basic furnishing: negotiation table for 16 people

  • 85″ LCD screen, Mood Wall -writing board glass
  • Internet connection (1 pc)
  • air conditioning, natural light


Size: 39 m²
Negotiation style: 14+2 people