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Meeting room 208 for customer events or dinner parties

Meeting room 208 with its lobby area is a beautiful and elegant space for a wide variety of events. The general shape of the space is round, with a window wall on one side which can be darkened for lectures. The space is equally suitable for seminars, dinner galas or receptions.

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Furniture and equipment

  • theatre style for 220 persons
  • podium with microphones (incl. 1 wired and 1 wireless microphones)
  • data projector 6000 ANSI LUMEN, screen (4.7m x 2.5m) and a flip chart
  • Internet connection (1 pc)
  • air conditioning, natural light


Area: 253 m²
Theatre style: 240 people
Classroom style: 120 people
Banquet style: 120 people
Cocktail style: 250 people
Negotiation style: 28 people
U shaped table style: 32 people

Explore the meeting room and lobby area with 360 view and take advantage of the registration area outside the meeting room