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Instructions for a good presentation at trade fairs

  • Attract visitors to see your presentation in advance!
  • Capture the attention of your audience!
  • Achieve your goals through the presentation!

Having a presentation at the event helps you get your message through and you will get more exposure for your cause / business!

Instructions for speakers in a trade fair environment 

Please let the organiser have a picture and details of the presentation well in advance as your presentation is part of the marketing actions before the event! Remember that the event might have tens or hundreds of presentations, so think how you will stand out to your audience!

Before the event

  1. Book the presentation well in time
  2. Send the details of your presentation (including a picture) well in advance to the organiser (information will be used in marketing and on the event web pages)
  3. Do marketing for your presentation in your own marketing channels (web pages, newsletter, social media channels, keep your marketing department / media agency informed and carry out a marketing campaign. If you have tickets, organise a lottery!)
  4. Take advantage of the url-link that can be find in the programme page of the event in your marketing before the event
  5. Invite media representatives to your presentation

What kind of information in advance attracts audience?

  1. A picture displays the speaker, the product or product being used
  2. The headline of your presentation tells the core of your presentation
  3. Advance information describes how you can solve customer’s problem
  4. In your advance information, tell how the listener will benefit by coming to your presentation
  5. Tell about solutions, not your company info. Use case examples
  6. Use the language that your company will understand. If you are speaking English, take into consideration the audience’s ability to understand you.

The presentation

  1. Send presentation materials in advance to the organiser / show up well in advance at the presentation space
  2. There will be professional help at the stage. You can test the audio and presentation in advance
  3. Use simple and clear presentation materials: use large font and minimise the text on each slide
  4. Hold the microphone close to your mouth. The staff is there to help you. If the presentation takes place in the exhibition halls, there might be some commotion in the halls
  5. Do not get worried if in the beginning of your presentation, there is not many listeners. Our experience shows that people might arrive to your presentation only once it has started.
  6. Ask questions and let the audience participate in the presentation
  7. In the end of your presentation, let the audience know where they can find further information (ask them to visit your exhibition stand, take some time to stay by the side of the programme stage for further discussions, have brochures, direct to you web page)

After your presentation

  1. Meet your listeners at your exhibition stand or in the vicinity of the programme stage
  2. If you promise to send further information, keep your promise or pass the sales leads for your sales department as soon as possible.

For more information:

The Programme Producer of the event is happy to help you.