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Instructions for a safe event visit


Messukeskus Helsinki received a COVID-19 certificate in recognition of exemplary work
for corona safety as the first Nordic event organiser.

Read more: the COVID-19 certificate

This is how we make the event safe


We recommend using a face mask. If you forgot your mask, please contact our staff. Hand disinfectant is freely available in all our facilities. Contact free taps in sanitary facilities. Face masks, hand disinfectant  and protective gloves can also be purchased.

Enhanced cleaning

Service and cloakroom desks, banisters and elevators, ATMs, payment terminals and automatic parking ticket keyboards are regularly disinfected.

Safety distances

Pathway signs at entrances. Larger safety distances than usual, pathways and clear safety distance signs everywhere. Access to the event area is graduated if necessary.

Card payment

Card payments are possible at all service points. Contact free gate system at the entrance.


Hand disinfection and electronic payment enabled. Safety distances and pathways observed. Intensified cleaning and replacement of cutlery.

Indoor air

Efficient air conditioning and in some places up to 14 meters high hall facilities. All air is cleaned with high-quality filters and ventilation ducts cleaned regularly.

First aid

You should only visit Messukeskus completely healthy and without any symptoms . Finnish Red Cross professionals on call. In case of illness, the possibility of immediate isolation from the public area.


Enhanced communication with digital screens, announcements and online in advance.

Competent staff

Our safety trained staff will guide and advise you with everything. Service points protected with plexiglas. Our staff has the opportunity to use face masks and has access to increased hygiene measures.

This is how you can help to make the event safe

Instructions for a safe visit

Avoid unnecessary touching of surfaces, use electronic communication. Maintain an adequate safety distance to others during the trip. Use a face mask during the trip according to recommendations. We recommend using the Corona app.


We recommend using a face mask. If you forgot your mask, please contact our staff. Cough or sneeze in your sleeve or in a disposable handkerchief. Wash hands immediately upon arrival. Wash or disinfect your hands frequently during the day.

Safety distances

Follow the pathway signs and observe the safety distances at the event area.

Card payment

Buy your ticket online or register in advance electronically. On location, favour card payment at all service points.


Disinfect your hands when entering a restaurant. Avoid unnecessary touching of dishes and cutlery. Observe safety distances both in the queue and when choosing the table.

Welcome in good health

Visit events only completely without symptoms and in good health. Observe the quarantine recommendations carefully. Stay home if you have been exposed to the virus.