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Design services

A successful stand is planned based on your goals!

Our design service implements your stand with professionalism and we take care of practical matters for you. Let’s create a stand that suits your company look together, and reach your target group more efficiently!

Stand implementations

Brand look

Hirsala's wonderful place with its services was wonderfully presented in the open booth set at GoExpo. Curtains were used as stylish space division effects.


Apollo's impressive lounge-type stand area invited you to relax and was awarded as one of the most successful stands at Matka / Travel Fair!


Matka, Northern Europe's largest tourism industry event, functions as one of the industry's most important networking events. The stand solution took into account not only travel sales and customer service, but also functional meeting and networking facilities.


Sometimes ordinary just isn't enough - with spectacular AV effects and hangings, the stand can be seen from far and the corporate look leaves an impressive memory.

Primapet product launch:

Primapet’s stand at the Dog Fair: a customer-oriented tasting track was designed for dogs.

The dogs were able to smell and taste the most suitable flavor options. This way we also avoided mistake purchases!

Areal implementations

The stylish and praised complex was designed from the atmosphere of snow and ice. The atmosphere was reinforced with ice blue LED lighting embedded in the wall and floor structures.
The gloriously visual gala included creative space solutions utilizing AV technology and graphic surfaces. The end result was breathtakingly visual and spectacular.
The memorable Initium party was a spectacular start to dreams! The event, which was planned down to the smallest detail, included several program and serving stations, photo walls and variable space distribution solutions.
The comprehensive implementation and atmosphere of the Habitare Pro area was built from the futuristic entrance to the areal details and the spectacular stage implementation.