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Fairs – the most effective and social medium, and the richest in experiences

Most effective

Fairs are a unique medium for bringing the spending power of all of your customers under a single roof. At fairs, visitors make purchases and companies and products gain greater visibility.

Most social

Out of all of the social media, fairs are the most truly social one because they provide opportunities for people to meet face to face. Reach thousands of visitors at once, and gain feedback on your products and services!

Richest in experiences

At fairs, you can find out about the latest developments, products and services, meet old friends and make new ones, and enjoy the overall theme. At your stand, you can arrange activities and demonstrations, exhibit your work or run competitions. Different activities at the stand leave your visitors buzzing with positive memories.

Customer satisfaction surveys

We continuously canvass our visitors for their customer satisfaction. After each event, we ask for feedback from our visitors and participating companies alike. The survey results provide you with a visitor profile which will help you prepare for the people you will be meeting. Messukeskus organises roughly a hundred fairs and events a year so you are certain to find a fair suitable to your company’s needs from the event portfolio.

Access the eMessukeskus service to find out about the different events and choose the one best suited for your business.