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Event planning services

Messukeskus is literally a full service event house. We provide everything you need for event planning without forgetting the work after the event. We plan the use of the chosen space according to your wishes and suggest the best options for decoration and guide signs. Contact us and we’ll plan your event together!

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Advertising and branding

Wish to own our venue? Our suppliers can produce flags, print stickers on the floors, walls and windows or printed signage of any material or size, which suits the space and will already hang in the correct spot. You might also wish to use some of our 70 digital signs?

Example: Every January, Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo and Convention Centre organizes the largest travel industry exhibition in the Nordic countries. Usually this event takes place during the coldest week of the whole year. Planex, our branding partner, created a feeling of tropical warmth for the cold shivering visitors as they entered through the main entrance. Bathed in green light, a jungle of hanging leaves welcomed the visitors. The scene was enhanced by a large digital screen showing a rain forest landscape, complete with a trumpeting elephant, roaring jaguar and relaxing ape. What a difference to the snowy landscape outside!


Design and build your stand in-house

Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo and Convention Centre has carpentry studio of its own. With their professional designers and carpenters, you can design the stand of your dreams- which certainly will be built and installed in the exhibition space on time. Stand out!

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is the latest trend in marketing. AR gives whole new ideas for event organizing and exhibitors. Messukeskus Helsinki, the Expo and Convention Center is one of the few places in Europe where we can experience a 360 degree AR experience in large spaces that fit tens of thousands of visitors.

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