Tasty theme menus for new meeting rooms

Tasty theme menus for new meeting rooms

Our highly anticipated LOISTO and RENTO meeting rooms and a SUOMI conference room opening in January deserve their own theme menus. Now you can offer a suitable special menu to make your conference, training or seminar day a real experience. The new concept rooms and the theme menus designed by Fazer Food Services pamper your customers and partners. The menus are served to share among your own group exclusively either in the personalized meeting room or in another conference facility.

The conference room atmosphere spiced with current culinary trends and our kitchen’s specialties can be seen in the morning and afternoon concept menus. Finland’s upcoming hundredth anniversary and domestic specialties are assets, which  our chefs hands turn into tasty delights. A honey buffet and local coffee is served alongside our tea buffet. Our kitchen’s beetroot and pea hummus can be enjoyed on Fazer’s own Artesaani bread or crispbreads. Homemade Zebra bundt cake and chocolate-covered strawberries absolutely melt in your mouth. Bring fizzy freshness to your day by freshly squeezed apple juice and whipped lingonberry porridge. What is your guests’ favorite theme of these packages?


Scones are served with whipped cream and homemade carrot compote

LOISTO Meeting Package
excellent morning:
  • Freshly squeezed Ompputarha apple juice served in champagne glasses, L, M, G
  • Mini-croissant filled with Parma ham, LL
  • Cold-smoked salmon sandwich, L
  • Fazer’s Artesaani bread with pea hummus, L
  • Tea & honey buffet and coffee
excellent afternoon:
  • Scones, whipped cream and carrot compote, L
  • Chocolate-covered strawberries, G, L
  • Dried berries and nuts, L, G, M
  • Tea & honey buffet and coffee

Can you just resist chocolate-covered strawberries

RENTO Meeting Package
relaxed morning:
  • Glasses of freshly squeezed Ompputarha apple juice, L, M, G
  • Fazer’s Artesaani bread and crispbread of the house, L
  • Pea and beetroot hummus, L, G, M
  • Local Finnish cheeses, LL
  • Fresh vegetables and dips, L, M, G
  • Tea and coffee
relaxed afternoon:
  • Pancake heaven with multiple wrappings, LL
  • Whipped cream, L,G, raspberry jam, L, M, G, carrot marmalade, L, M, G, nut crumble, L, M, G
  • Tea and coffee

Rice pasty is updated with flat-leaf parsley and rye granola

SUOMI / FINLAND Meeting Package
Finnish morning:
  • Finland smoothie (bilberry, raspberry, natural yoghurt, muesli)
  • Rice pasty with a rye crust, egg butter with flat-leaf parsley, and rye granola, L
  • Whipped lingon berry porridge, organic milk and sugar, L
  • Glasses of freshly squeezed Ompputarha apple juice, L, M, G
  • Tea and locally roasted coffee
Finnish afternoon:
  • Apple slices, L, G
  • Cinnamon “S” cookies, L
  • Homemade Zebra bundt cake
  • Tea and locally roasted coffee

The menus are designed and served by our catering partner Fazer who just finished celebrating its 125th birthday. Read more about the Finnish Fazer Group



Along with the theme packages, Fazer Food Services has new products to spice up the meeting. Year 2017 catering selection includes flavors respecting Finland’s 100th year of independence. For a sweet tooth, we have Finnish pastries. Or add a little color to the table with candy bowls. For ice cream lovers, there is a new flavor from the Suominen dairy: the pine flavored Jymy 1917 is an organic ice cream, which tastes like pure Finnish nature and young pine shoots with a completely new, elegant and forest vanilla way.

We serve also fresh mocktails and flavored Novelle waters which suit any moment and encounter. You can also reserve mesmerizing show bartenders to put the final touches on the experience.

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