Did you know? We were awarded as an energy-smart event venue

Did you know? We were awarded as an energy-smart event venue

The Energy Authority and Motiva have awarded Messukeskus for its distinguished energy efficiency efforts.

Messukeskus has an energy efficiency programme extending to 2018. As a result of the programme, the amount of energy saved is 33,000 MWh, which would suffice for heating 1,300 single-family houses with electricity for one year. We aim to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 7,300 tonnes. This is comparable to driving around the world 1,440 times by car.

Emissions graph


We utilize effectice housing technology

“What is good for the environment is also good for us as a company. In addition to environmental friendliness, investments in energy efficiency lead to concrete financial savings. In the extensive energy efficiency project of Messukeskus, this is already evident,” says Patrik Kuhlman, head of the Facility Unit at Messukeskus.

“We are very happy to receive the award. A high-quality event venue is always also an event venue that takes its environmental responsibility with genuine seriousness. Energy smartness is part of the corporate responsibility of Messukeskus and an integral part of the transparency and quality of our operations. We encourage our customers to pay attention to practical energy actions when selecting a venue for their event or conference,” says Anni Vepsäläinen, Managing Director of Messukeskus.

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Our latest steps

The premises of Messukeskus correspond to eight full-scale football fields. In this scale, energy efficiency is achieved mainly by the use of the latest building technology.

When we renovated Galleria at Messukeskus, we built a completely new heat recovery system for the ventilation machines and switched the lighting to LED technology. To tackle water consumption, we equipped all faucets at our facilities with bubble spray aerators.

Messukeskus is visited each year by more than one million trade fair and conference guests, and during large public events, there may be up to tens of thousands of visitors on the premises at the same time. We have improved the ventilation machine control systems of the halls in such a manner that the indoor air conditions can be adapted to the number of people and to the uses of the halls. In the office renovation in summer 2016, we also replaced the lighting and ventilation of the personnel’s workspaces with energy-efficient solutions. We have our own competent facilities maintenance team to ensure that our premises are in good condition, and of course, it is also the duty of every Messukeskus employee to promote environmental responsibility.