New recipe for energising meeting rooms

New recipe for energising meeting rooms

– Colours do matter, says Nanna Ihamäki. Nanna works as a designer at Messukeskus Helsinki and is known for her bold use of colours and diverse materials. Her aim is to create spaces where people want to return again and again.

– In Messukeskus we reinvent ourselves constantly as we aim to provide our customers with the opportunity to organise their events in an energising yet functional environment. We listen to our customers and are always on the look-out for new ideas to develop. Comprehensive renovations were carried out this summer with an emphasis on comfort, ergonomics and a stimulating atmosphere.


RENTO is a windowless space, colorful and lively wallpapers create a cheerful atmosphere.

No more just white walls 

Nanna designed the interiors for the new RENTO and LOISTO meeting rooms as well as the ecologically-oriented restaurant Olohuone. Her designs have already gained attention and acclaim.

– Traditional furnishing is simply not enough anymore. Previously, customers arranged and outfitted the rooms, and the materials produced at meetings found their way onto plain white walls. Now people also want the meeting room to inspire them. The vision of Messukeskus is to provide a stimulating, people-friendly and economical meeting venue, and this applies to our interior too, Nanna explains.

Ergonomics is an important part of well-being at work, which, in turn, is reflected in the competitiveness of companies. When people feel good at work, they work more effectively. The environment in which you spend your whole work day is not insignificant, regardless of whether we are talking about the office, or a training day location.


 Functionality is the key

Nanna provided flexibility and a personal touch to our meeting rooms. RENTO’s tables can be tilted and fully adjusted according to one’s height. Chairs and tables are easy to move, and adapt easily to the day’s event as they can be rearranged from a classroom setting into other settings ideal for team work, for example. In RENTO up to 40 people can meet in a relaxed and inspiring environment.

RENTO is a windowless space, so colourful and lively wallpapers and furnishings were chosen to create a cheerful and light-filled atmosphere. Yellow is known for its ability to increase concentration, and green reminds us of nature and has a calming and relaxing effect on us. All this makes RENTO particularly suitable for all kinds of trainings and seminars.

Heartwarming service at Messukeskus Helsinki

LOISTO room is a luxurious room suitable for meetings and gatherings with a 14 people core team.

LOISTO is the diamond of our meeting facilities. The elegant salon and the sturdy meeting table accommodate up to 14 persons.

– I wanted to create a dark-coloured and dignified space that nonetheless has some character. The humoristic fish pattern in the wallpaper gives a certain lightness even to more formal meetings, and the shiny brass details add a touch of luxury. This is a meeting room where you want to invite customers to pamper them with a little luxury. LOISTO is particularly well-suited for board meetings and elegant dinners to celebrate success, added Nanna.

– I was amazed by the wallpapers designed by Italian Piero Fornasetti. Nanna was able to capture the lively and playful yet businesslike concepts and plan the interiors suitable for various events from board meetings to seminars, brainstorming sessions and networking events. Meeting facilities can raise feelings, says Marketing Manager Kaisa Siipilehto.

– Customers want even more nowadays. Together with a suitable space they are asking for event services and advice. We are constantly developing our services and increasing our partner network so that we are able to serve our customers even better. We give multiple opportunities to choose from. We want to surprise our customers and their customers, adds Kaisa.


Interior designer Nanna Ihamäki was interviewed by Marketing Manager Kaisa Siipilehto, who participated in creating new concepts for the meeting facilities at Messukeskus.

We warmly welcome you to try out the new meeting rooms!

– Kaisa & Nanna