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Aftercare means keeping the promises made during the fair. How you approach aftercare says much about your company and the way it is run. Effective aftercare and marketing turn fair encounters into sales.

It is wise to plan the aftercare and allocate resources to it already before the fair beings. It is a good idea to connect aftercare with the goals set for the fair so that things will not be left undone when the routines kick in in the aftermath of the fair.

After-marketing tips:

  • Go through your contact list at the end of each fair day
  • Keep all promises made at the fair as contacts have a short shelf life!
  • Take care of contacts and requests for quotes as fast as possible
  • Send a ‘thank you’ letter/message to everyone who visited your stand
  • Approach key customers immediately, thanking them for their visit and telling them what they can expect next
  • Report on the event on your website, describing the atmosphere at the fair and thanking your visitors again
  • Post pictures/videos of your stand on your website – this will give your stand a longer life-span
  • Add features on your fair participation to your customer magazine also once the event is over
  • Evaluate visitor feedback
  • Write down your development ideas for the fair
  • Assess the results both right after the fair and again once some time has passed


Make after-marketing easier by adopting stand registration. This offers you a handy way of keeping track of who visited your stand. This service is available at trade fairs using guest registration.