As an event organizer, you will be assisted by a core team of professionals in finding the best possible solutions for your event at Messukeskus Helsinki. This planning service is free of charge. You are in safe hands with our professionals;

  • all the event services can be handled in-house
  • They are dedicated & flexible
  • They organize over 1,500 corporate events, meetings and congresses organized annually
  • 97% of our customers recommend us

On this page, you can see which services we have in-house. Please note that only the catering service is an exclusive service provider within our premises.



We proudly host Finland’s leading AV service provider in-house. They are in charge of the high-standard services we have in our premises:

  • over 70 digital signs
  • WiFi services for up to 20,000 delegates
  • LED-lighted walls
  • high LUMENS volume projects or LCD screens in our meeting rooms

For rental, they can offer for example

  • HD projectors up to 40,000 LUMENS
  • multiple screens, largest built 500 m2

Please note that you are not obliged to use their services when you book our venue, though we recommend them warmly. Read more about SVV’s AV services

How do you know they are great? Well, for example, SVV is contracted every year to set up the screens and sound for the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF). The end client is nobody less demanding than the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin.

ESHRE Matias Löyttyniemi

ESHRE Matias Löyttyniemi


Wish to own our venue? Our suppliers can produce flags, print stickers on the floors, walls and windows or printed signage of any material or size, which suits the space and will already hang in the correct spot. You might also wish to use some of our 70 digital signs?

Example: Every January, Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo and Convention Centre organizes the largest travel industry exhibition in the Nordic countries. Usually this event takes place during the coldest week of the whole year. Planex, our branding partner, created a feeling of tropical warmth for the cold shivering visitors as they entered through the main entrance. Bathed in green light, a jungle of hanging leaves welcomed the visitors. The scene was enhanced by a large digital screen showing a rainforest landscape, complete with a trumpeting elephant, roaring jaguar and relaxing ape. What a difference to the snowy landscape outside!

Messukeskus ulkokuvat


Holiday Inn Messukeskus is located adjacent to our premises. It has

  • 244 rooms
  • 3 saunas
  • a la carte restaurant
  • gym
  • parking facilities

Holiday Inn Helsinki Messukeskus: + 358 200 62884,



The city centre with its thousands of rooms are just four minutes away by train. New hotel projects are also already approved within walking distance from our venue to be finished by 2020.



Fazer Food Services Ltd. takes care of our clients’ food and beverage needs. Fazer, established in 1891, is one of the most beloved brands in Finland playing a key role in the local culinary tradition.

The Messukeskus catering team easily feeds 10,000 delegates on a daily basis taking into  account all special dietary needs. Whether you wish to have a small snack or lavish gala dinner, the Culinary Olympic team gold winners are ready to serve you! The Culinary Olympics in Erfurt 2016


Our facilities have 21 restaurants and cafes already built in. See where they are located: Messukeskus restaurants and cafes

Fazer Food Services: +358 40 450 3252,

More about Fazer Group

Turvallisuus Messukeskuksessa


Nordic countries are known for their tranquility and security at all levels. In Messukeskus Helsinki security is of the highest priority. Securitas is the in-house service provider. Nothing passes their attention, not even the safety of the smallest and most fragile visitor. Just let us give an example.

In the fall 2016, during a fair for pets, a small fluffy rabbit was kidnapped from its cage. But in no time, Securitas staff found the culprit and returned the beloved rabbit safe and sound to its owners. Securitas knows Messukeskus facilities. For example, they have a 24/7 monitoring room with plenty of screens. Securitas Finland has taken care of the security of the highest political and corporate clients, but even a lowly rabbit kidnapper merits their surveillance! Securitas can offer the security level your event requires, hosts and hostesses and they are also happy to assist you with any permits you may need from the local authorities.

Please contact Securitas for more information: Tommi Sihvonen, +358 40 196 2711,



Exhibition and event expert Niemi Expo Service provides meeting and event organizers with a full range of logistics services:

  • Inbound and outbound logistics and transport services
  • Storage
  • Turnkey decoration, transfer and lifting services

Please contact Niemi Expo Service experts to ask for a quote: +358 9 5420 5461,,



Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo and Convention Centre has carpentry studio of its own. With their professional designers and carpenters, you can design the stand of your dreams- which certainly will be built and installed in the exhibition space on time. Stand out!

Messukeskus, halli 7

Augmented Reality Marketing at Events and Expos


fixed in Messukeskus Helsinki venue. Ask more!